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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 4:7:2016

Posted 04-07-2016 at 12:57 PM by rcnut

Can you believe this? March is gone!

Mark and I haven’t been flying much. Work has Mark all tied up, and I’m not finding too many days to get out that’s decent enough to fly in. The micro helis have come to a stand-still. With building my Synergy 766 and trying to find out what’s going on with my YS 120SRX, and then I decided to actually list all those helis I’ve been meaning to sell…well they are selling now!

Lynx 130, Blade 130x, My original mCPx…, My second/steroid popping mCPx…build, & my OXY3...



Both Goblins are flying great.


Repairs have been done to the N7, and now I’m waiting for some better weather to get out more! The N5 is set to go, I took it out a few weeks ago, and it was a blast! As long as I remember to charge the LiPo!!! Yea, I brought the 766 out for a maiden flight or two [more like 4!] and brought the N5 to fill in while the 766 packs were charging. I put 4 flights on my N5 and decided to check the LiPo before attempting a 5th flight. Good thing I did as the LiPo pack was down to 9%! Oops!

I did manage to take the N7 out, but I was finding some slight tail wag issues and needed to address that problem. Well, I did find the small straight cut gear in the front transmission was getting sloppy. The Jack-screw runs through the gear and a small pin holds it to the Jack-shaft. Well the pin was opening the slot for the pin and allowing excessive play on the tail blades. So I ordered two new gears, and now that’s fixed…and ready for flight.

The Synergy 766 build

The motor, ESC, VX1n have arrived, so I can finish the main body and start programming. Another LiPo pack is on its way along with the tail blades. The main blades are on back order! Crap! I was hoping for a maiden Easter weekend…or the following week. I might have to use a set of 716 Rail blades for the maiden…

I continued with finishing the build. I mounted the motor to the motor mount and set the back-lash to the main gear, mounted the Spartan controller and routed all the servo wires, and I solder the bullets and EC5 connector to the ESC and mounted that. I choose to run the throttle, BEC, and tach wires along the outside of the frame. I could have run them inside the frame, but it was extremely close to the motor and I didn’t want to take a chance having the motor rub through the insulation.

It didn’t take long to wire everything up (making a couple of extensions, soldering all the EC5’s, etc.) and Goop the wires in place. I also placed a 2 cell 5000mAh pack behind the left rear panel close to the Spartan controller. On to the programming! I bought a program module for the Hobbywing 160A ESC versus going through the radio stick; this made setting the parameters a lot easier, and faster.

I added the tail assembly and finished setting that up in the Spartan controller. As for blades…well, I bought a set of 756mm Switch Blades to try out until I can buy a set of 766mm Rail Blades. It was the closest I could get to 766mm. So with everything ready to go, time to charge the LiPo packs!

The Synergy 766 Maiden!

I finished everything on Monday after Easter, as our weather wasn’t very friendly, so I took my time. Tuesday was mostly sunny and somewhat warm, but there was a chilling breeze that made it a bit uncomfortable…the wind had a bit of a bite to it. The wind was to my back, the sun was out keeping me warm, and I didn’t need my radio glove!

I arrived at the school and had the whole place to myself…yea, while Mark was at work. It was time to see how this new heli was going to fly and feel. I would either like/love it or it was ok. I plugged the radio LiPo in and waited for the Spartan to setup. A quick check of the radio and controls…time to plug the big packs in! The Hobbywing ESC has a built-in spark arrestor, so no more big sparks shooting out from the EC5’s!

The ESC made its own set tones, and now I’m good to go! I pick a spot and set my new heli down. I slowly add throttle and the ESC starts its slow ramp-up. The head speed comes up to around 1500-1600 rpm’s. I add some more collective and my 766 is airborne! My 766 left the ground straight and true, I didn’t need to correct the cyclic at all.

So I start my control check; forward and back cyclic, side-to-side cyclic, tail and collective response. The controls are much slower than I would like, but that is ok for now, I’ll have plenty of time to make all the necessary adjustment later…right now, it’s flying! I switch into idle 1 and the head speed picks up rather fast. I begin flying around the field to see how this heli tracks and feels.

I flies like a dream, and it tracks very well! I try some basic aerobatics, and some mild 3D maneuvers. The 766 handled everything I could do without any complaints, or more like loading the rotor head down. I switched into idle 2, around 1800-1900 rpm’s, and this heli became unreal! Plenty of power, maneuvers were more crisp and clean. This was a thrill and a half! My flight didn’t last too long as I was breaking-in two new packs, so I limited my flights to 3-1/2 minutes.

I had 4 flights total with the packs at 48%-52% remaining. So that might increase my flight time to 6 minutes. Not too shabby. I did a “post inspection” and found nothing loose or broken. This heli is so quiet, that the blades made way more noise than the drive train!

I do have some adjusting in the radio/Spartan controller to fit my flying style, however, I may leave it this way for a few more flights…kind of getting used to it. It is a big heli and it is not as fast (for now) as my 700’s, but that might change after a while. The bigger disk does make a difference.

After thoughts…

I finally got off my butt and listed the helis I wanted to sell! Yea, the procrastination finally ended! At first everything sat still, then the wave hit! Answering PM’s and running to the post office with helis in tow. Wow, I never expected that to happen, and as fast as it did. It’s really cool that I’m clearing stuff out and the extra cash is always nice…for other helis of course!

I have to wonder how the 766 would fly if it was powered by a nitro motor!? I guess I’ll have to find out…

I was having some issues with my Hyperion Duo charger not wanting to fully charge my 6 cell LiPo packs, and once home, I was able to put a "store" charge on 3 of the pack before it just stopped. It stopped at 42% on the 4th pack which is ok... I keep getting an "output error", but the balance shows 0.02v between all 6 cells and a total of 24.xx volts. I need to look into this issue as well.

I could try to update my charger and see if that might fix it, however...I decided it was time to find another means of charging these bigger packs if I want to fly my 766...

So I ordered a new charger! More on that later...

Until next time…
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