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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 4:21:2016

Posted 04-21-2016 at 10:49 AM by rcnut

May is almost here! Better weather, clear skies, and lots of flying to be had!!!

We (Mark and I) spent our last weekend indoors, as it was too windy and cold to venture outside. And now our first full weekend was spent outside, warm temps, sunny skies, and light winds. Yea, it doesn’t get any better than that other than tailgating while out flying, and or having multiple great day to fly…in a row! It didn’t take long for us to get tiered out, all that fresh air and warm temps… But the weekend ended and we are looking forward to the next weekend!

Lynx 130,

Oops! I fixed the cracked boom, but also glued the torque rod to the boom!

[/b] My original mCPx…& My second/steroid popping mCPx…build,

Mark and I were chased out of the gym due to it being reserved for a birthday party…for a group of 5 year olds!!! So we invaded the sanctuary! It was a bit different having a higher view, but we adapted quickly. I got gutsy and attempted a ceiling landing…65 feet up! I did it, but only for a second.

I finally tried my new mCPx heli…from all upgrades. It worked and WOW what a difference. That thing has a lot of power! I now have 3 different head speeds. The cyclic is more responsive to the point I could possible try some piro-flips. Now I want to upgrade my original mCPx…just the motor and ESC for now. Now I have to remember where I bought everything! My new mCPx handle so well, I don’t feel like flying the original anymore.


With the last of the repairs done to the N7, it is back to brand new status in flight performance. I flew it fairly hard, for what I can do, and it held up well. The N5 is flying just the same, no issues.

The Synergy 766

I let Mark have a flight on my new 766 and though he’s not into electric, other than the micro helis, Mark was impressed with its performance. So I just had to tease him some and said that is how an N7 almost feels like. And oh how the drooling began! LoL! Mark did very well flying my 766; however, “I” wound up breaking the landing gear trying to see how slow of an auto I could do. I didn’t have enough blade speed to gently land and so I snapped one side off. I borrowed a landing gear set from one of my other helis until the replacement pair comes in.

I also bumped up the head speed to somewhat match my other helis. Now it’s at 1600, 1750, & 1950. I increased the cyclic reaction and the tail rotation rate…a lot better. I will increase the cyclic response more, but I’m taking my time getting used to this bigger heli. I would like to try the Rail Blades to see what difference they would make.

After thoughts…

I started having problems with my Hyperion 720 Duo charger, that it quit working/charging any of my packs. I was able to charge the 6 cell packs for my 766 twice and then store charger 3 of the 4 packs before quitting completely. I ordered the PowerLab 8 charger with a para-board. It arrived and I made an EC5 to banana adapter to plug into my power supplies. I decided to try charging a 2 cell pack to test it out plus learn its programming.

About 5-7 minutes into the charging cycle, the display blanked out??? The backlight was still on, but no display. Ok, so I thought maybe it times out until it is done charging or I intervene and press any button. So I tried to intervene and pushed the increment button…nothing, no action/response. So…I unplug the supply from the power supply and start over. This time it only takes 3 minutes to act up!

So now I’m thinking I have a power supply issue. I pull out my meter and check my power supplies in my charging box, the output voltage…24v. I leave the meter plugged in and start the charge cycle again, and the same thing happens yet again. There was no issues with the supplies, I even tried running the PowerLab at 12v…same problem. The PowerLab charger got to the point that it didn’t want to power up unless I let it sit for a minute. So it looked as if there is a heat problem or a cold solder joint, and or also a software issue.

I called Amain RC and told them the problem. They sent me the RMA info and a label to send it back for a replacement. Now I must wait… In the meantime, I’m getting very familiar with the 10XP charger. It charges my 6 cell packs as pairs just fine.

I’m also looking at the Cellpro Dual PowerLab charger for my charging case. The PowerLab8 doesn’t fit my case, too tall (that weird hump on the bottom), so maybe the duo one will fit and I could charge a lot of packs up quickly and most of them at once versus one at a time. It’s a thought…

Until next time…
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