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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:2:2016

Posted 06-02-2016 at 04:37 PM by rcnut

Memorial Day has come and passed! Now it’s June…what will this month bring? And to think…IRCHA is only 61 days and 14 hours away!

The weather has finally warmed up! Blue skies with puffy clouds; and warm breezes…finally! Now if I can only find the time to get out and fly! Work has us doing 10 hour days and it is wearing on me. As I get older, it is taking more of a toll on me than expected. And I also started [in February] using the gym at work to get back in shape, so that doesn’t help much, but it’s getting better as time goes on. I messed up my shoulder stretching and now that is taking some time to heal. I might need cortisone shot to help fix it…

Meanwhile, I found on the forum a Synergy rep in the Madison Wis. area; that wanted to get together and fly our Synergy 766 helis. So I asked if there was a place that we could fly in the Janesville area (possible a club club in the middle of us that would welcome us to fly with them)…low and behold, the Rock River Aero Modeler Society (RRAMS). It wasn’t long and our small get together was turning into a fun fly!

So on a spur of the moment, I asked if anyone wanted to gather at the RRAMS field for a day of flying fun. I think 8 heli pilots showed and entertained some of the club members that were there. The club members enjoyed our flying and asked us to come back any time! We heli pilots were having a blast hanging out getting to know one another and flying!

Mark and I wowed everyone with our Goblin gassers. They were impressed on how quiet ours were…to the point of looking into buying one! I showed them how well the synergy 766 flew. And I kind of got carried away in the moment performing a few wild 3D maneuvers I wasn’t quite ready to do, but pulled them off without any problems. Then there was a call-out for an inverted auto!

I had my N7 in the air at the time, and couldn’t resist the urge. I climbed into the wind about 100-150 feet up, flipped the N7 inverted and hit the throttle hold switch. I managed to fly down wind inverted for as long as I could, and then half looped right side up and set down ever so softly. The guys went nuts! That was the coolest auto they seen in a while. So I throttled up and performed a FAI 180 style auto slowly, and they “ate that up” as well. Someone shouted out if I could do a tail first (backwards) auto…piece of cake…done. Then I took off and went straight up and spiraled down. I even did a fast, almost over spool, auto with a wall stop maneuver several inches from the ground and landed softly.

Angelo brought out a Bi-plane (in which I forgot the name of) as well as a few helis. He put on quite a show with his Bipe as well as his helis. There was another Mark, a club member that was having a lot of fun with his Protos V2. This was the second time I was able to see a Protos V2 in action, only this time up close! Mark also had one of the Jeti DS-14 radios…he even let me hold it! I wanted to check out the hype I’ve been reading about the Jeti…and now I know…more!

“Tangent!” The Jeti is something to see in person! The gimbals are supper smooth, even the throttle stick is silky smooth. Mark was watching me as I was moving the throttle stick very slowly with a puzzled look on his face. This is one of the problems I fight when flying, the throttle stick becomes “sticky.” I’ve tried a lot of things to make the stick travel silky smooth, but to no avail, it works for a while… But so far, the best that I have done to achieve a smooth throttle stick, is using the “dry lube” for the main gear on our helis. It will last about 4-6 months and then it needs another coat, like car wax!

The Jeti case is on the heavy side, being all aluminum. And it is thinner than most, so that means the switches in the top are closer together. I couldn’t get my fingers between them comfortably; this would take some getting used to. The display is big enough to see even in the sun, but I gravitate towards the color screen…the DS-24. And as for the “stuff” the Jeti can do! It was mind blowing how Mark had his setup and talking to him as he was flying! This “integration” stuff is almost too much, and buying only what you need... Well, this was enough for me to really look at one during IRCHA this year. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy one…or not…

So all-in-all, it was a great day flying with a bunch of heli guys.

After thoughts…

Now for the PowerLab 8 story! I called Amain Hobbies and asked the status of my charger. It’s still being shipped from oversea…ok?... So I asked what the deal was about everything being out of stock and if they were going out of business. Yep, I asked the hard question! I was told they were expanding and had a lot of things going on, but why the delay? No answer. A couple of days later (Friday before the get together fly at RRAMS), I received a call from Amain Hobbies to talk with me about my charger. I thought this couldn’t be good news! It was too late to call them back by the time I arrived home from work and errand running, so it had to wait until Monday morning.

I waited until midday and gave Amain a call. I talked to another person other than the one who called. He was able to explain more of what was going on and reassured me they (Amain) were doing everything they could. Their shipping container was stuck in customs, which caused the delay in turnaround time. The expansion is a new partnership with Hobby Town USA. As it was explained to me, they are trying to get the local hobby shops more involved with the community instead of watching them close down. So now with new information in hand, I will see how this will play out.

On 5/26/2016, I received an email notice of a package being shipped from Amain to me! Could this be my charger? I clicked on the link and in fact it is! I should have it by Saturday, according to the tracking status… The delivery date was scheduled for Saturday, however, when I got home Friday, it was there! My replacement charger had arrived a day early! Now that was awesome!

The next step is to see if this one will work. Working 10 hour days made it tough to find some time to play with my new charger. I managed to test it Tuesday after work…I skipped my workout. Actually, I took two days off as a break from working 13 days in a row. I used both sets of 6 cell packs for my 766, I thought this would be a good place to start. I connected the charger to my power supply, and then the para-board. Went through the instructions step-by-step to make sure I was doing it right.

Programmed the charger for the voltage and max current level of my power supply, and then picked a charging profile and set it up for my packs. So now it is time to actually charge my packs! I pushed the start button and whallah! It’s working!!! I was able to charge both packs without any problems. Now I need to see if I can charge all 4 packs at the same time…and how long that will take!

I also received word from Carey Shurley, that he is just two machined parts away from having a complete Agile gas conversion kit for me! I ordered the wide belt and pulley upgrade as Joey Chen made the gasser conversion for the wide belt upgrade. So as soon as Carey has all the parts, I will be converting my Agile 7.2 heli into a gasser!

Until next time…
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