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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:18:2016

Posted 06-18-2016 at 10:35 AM by rcnut

Just passed the half way mark in June and the first day of summer is upon us! And IRCHA is just around the corner...again!

Yea, that means the days will start getting shorter! Yuck! I like the longer daylight, gives me time to head out after work for a few flights. But with everything, nothing lasts. It look as this summer will be a normal (or maybe just above normal) summer temp wise. Today and tomorrow, the temps will be in the low 90's...well for us in the Midwest. The good part of this is that the humidity is low...less miserable.

IRCHA should be interesting this year, as they revamped the "Ones" competition. It is going back to the pilots ability and no more theatrics. The voting will be on the best flight performance, and hopefully not the favorite pilot. So it will be interesting to see how this is done/works!

As for my helis... I getting my 766 dialed in, but still need to figure out how to get the Spartan Vortex and Hobbywing ESC configured properly. Outside of that, it is flying great and I'm getting better acquainted with it. The hang time I get with autos is unreal! It just floats down slowly.

My N5 & N7 are great! Just charge the flight pack, fuel, and fly! I gave my N5 a workout yesterday, as it hasn't been used that much this flying year. I almost forgot how much fun it is.

I pulled my Agile out for some fun as well. I was able to resurrect two sets of LiPo's for it and I transferred the programming from the DX8 to the DX9 radio. So the first two flights were getting the feel that I like. Carey has informed me the Agile 7.2 gas conversion kit is almost ready, so I will be flying this heli a lot to get reacquainted with its performance before the conversion. I know it will act totally different as a gasser, but the flight characteristics should be close. Weight will be the deciding factor as to how well this conversion will have. So I will also compare it to my Goblin gasser as well. I wish I had a scale to weigh both...before and after...

Yea, that means I'll need to breakout the Goblin gasser and get a feel for it too...again. I haven't flown the Gobby in a while, as I have the nitro bug right now! I like my Goblin, but it just doesn't move like my nitro's. It feels (to me at least) a bit restricted. Like maybe having too much clothing when you are trying to keep warm in the winter time. Maybe if it was a bit (few pounds) lighter...

I received my new (replacement) PowerLab8 charger...and it works! Now I'm getting used to all the programming features it has to offer! Currently, it is charging a set of LiPo's for my 766 at 40 amps. I shall see how long it takes! It works great with all my other packs, smaller packs that is.

Yesterday I took a vacation day from work and headed out to our practice field and put in 6 flights. I worked on several maneuvers I've wanted to try, and some older stuff I haven't done in some time. It felt good to get out, but now as much fun alone. Hopefully Mark will be able to join me later today.

Until next time...
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