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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 7:20:2016

Posted 07-20-2016 at 06:57 AM by rcnut

Happy 4th of July…yea ok, I’m a bit late! And now IRCHA is 14 days away!! Whoo Hoo!!!

It's been a month since my last blog...I've been working 10 hour days and most weekends as of late. It isn't easy keeping up with house work, cooking meals, and working on helis, but I'm trying! So here we go...

My PowerLab8 charger is working great, and like I thought, it is taking a little time to learn its programming. I did buy the computer interface cable, but I haven’t tried using it just yet…soon. I was able to resurrect two sets of LiPo packs for my Agile while I was waiting for the gas conversion kit to arrive. I got a total of 6 flights on the Agile before stripping it down for its conversion! Yea the conversion kit finally arrived!!! In the meantime, Mark and I spent a few weekends meet up and flying. Nothing special, just flying and having fun!

For the upcoming 4th of July weekend, I took Friday and Tuesday off, vacation days. That made for a nice 5 day off in a row. A pre-IRCHA taste. On Wednesday, Carey sent me an email stating my kit was in the mail and on its way, and that I should have it on Friday. Those 5 days off had a beautiful weather forecast and I would be able to get out and fly all day! But as luck would have it, my conversion kit arrived Friday and I had to decide on converting my Agile or go fly and then start building…

My Agile 7.2 conversion

You can read the full build here; Click here

The conversion went together rather quickly without any issues, other than the ones I created! LoL! The maiden flight was successful, but I had a lot of concerns. I wasn’t sure how the motor was going to run, as I had not ran it for some time. I bought a different FBL controller for it, the Spartan Vortex VX1n. I’ve been using this controller for a couple of years now and I like it a lot, so I know it will fly, but not sure how well or how much tuning it will require. And the fact it is a conversion kit unflown by anyone…that I’m aware of.

However, it flew great and there were a few changes I needed to make. First, I thought I had a bad throttle servo as it was hunting, but that has turned out to be a controller setup issue…more on this later. Second, I didn’t like the stock blades the Agile came with. The auto performance lacks greatly at the end of the auto. I tried a set of Rail 716mm blades I had with a huge improvement! Third, I wanted a bit more cyclic and collective “pop”, so I moved the cyclic balls out one more hole…22mm. And forth, I had to retune the motor to fit the new gear ratio of this heli, compared to the Goblin that I borrowed the motor from. Now it flies the way I like it to. I’ll keep making small adjustments to the controller to fine tune the feel to my likings.

So I am very happy with this conversion, and now I’m chomping at the bit to get out and show everyone my new Agile!

Mark’s G820…

Well Mark brought out his Thunder Tiger G820 nitro heli (an electric 820 converted to nitro) Saturday to get a few flights on it, but little did we know it was two flights away from crashing! Mark wanted me to have at the controls and wring his heli out some. I was hesitant to, but did a medium version instead. Mid way into the flight, we heard a "bam" sound and saw something white pop out of the center of the rotor! All of a sudden, I was fighting his heli for control! Quickly I realized it was going to crash, I hit throttle hold, and tried to minimize the damages.

The G820 hit at the nose and landing gear. Busted the canopy, broke the front landing skid and bent the landing tubs, broke the front servo tray off and mangled the LiPo pack, dented and broke the Hatori muffler, bent the boom, lost both bellcrank to swashplate links, lost one blade link, bent one blade grip arm and that bent the head button, broke one main blade and one tail blade.

The cause of the crash was a tail blade coming off with the tail grip attached. The head bolt broke off from the tail hub. And this was what we saw coming out of the top of the rotor head. There was no way any of us could have seen or prevented this crash, and Mark was happy I was at the controls versus him. The good part is, Mark has everything to repair his heli...well except for a muffler. But this dampened my day of flying as it was me that crashed his heli. His heli became a bucking nightmare with the tail bouncing up and down and starting to spin out of control. Throttle hold didn't stop the spinning...

After thoughts…

IRCHA is only 14 days away and wow! This summer is going by fast!!! I am looking forward to this year as Miniature Aircraft and KDS will be there, as well as a new/old One’s competition format. It will be interesting to see what new improvements the new Miniature Aircraft Company has done to fix some of the OWB issues and the new version 2 Whiplash!. Also, I would like to see how strong KDS is planning to be here in the states. I would like to check out the Jedi radios to see what all the hype is about. And of course, see what kind of deals there are…

It should be a great time this year! The weather on the other hand…I’m guessing it will be on the warmer side, mid 80’s to low 90’s.

Afterwards, I’ll be starting my inventory with my micro helis, getting them lined up for some fun in the gym at church this coming winter. Stock up on some spare parts, and pick up some new LiPo’s. Dreaming of flying outside while the snow is flying…

Also, I received some pinion spacers for my Agile conversion clutch stack. The belt is riding a bit high on the big gear and need to shim it more towards the middle. And I now have the start shaft for the on-board generator system…no more charging the flight pack!

Until next time…
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