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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 9:25:2016

Posted 09-25-2016 at 03:47 PM by rcnut

September is almost over with and that means Fall is here! Bringing our flying season to an end…soon…

Tomorrow starts the cooler weather for us, a 20 degree drop in temperature. Our gas helis will like that as it will make more power, and the air with thicken soon, which will increase the lift. I’m not looking forward to seeing the leaves on the trees start dropping, means that white stuff is close behind…yuck!

My charging station…

I bought most everything I would like in my new charging station…volt meter with amps and watts, USB charge plug, RIDGID 22" Pro Organizer case, Bump Charger (at IRCHA), and the Bump Charger top deck cut for the case (Charger Deck for Revolectrix MPA boards (RIDGID 22" Pro Organizer)). However, I had ordered the “charger deck” (the top) Aug. 22nd and I’m still (update: was) waiting for it! I looked their website over and found it stated 2-3 weeks lead time, so this coming up Monday (Sept. 12th) will make 3 weeks. I received an email stating my top deck shipped (USPS) Sept.10th. Your standard 3 day shipping…I received it Sept.15th! The funny part to all of this, Bump is located here in Illinois! A 5-6 hour drive from me… The top deck is impressive and thick, so this will be a fun build…saving for winter time, maybe...

I tried to download an app for my tablet, but I’ve run into another snag… Somehow I need to add the device (tablet) to Google Play so I can download apps to it…frustrating for sure. I'll figure it out one of these days. The app, from Bump Charger, allows the tablet to see the status of the LiPo charging. It has a really cool looking display that’s very easy to understand what’s going on. I can’t wait to start using it!

General stuff

I’ve been busy getting adjusted to my new Jeti radio. And now that I’m a team pilot for Miniature Aircraft, I decided to get my Whiplash nitro flying again. I’ve been having problems with the motor not running right. It seemed to be a fuel issue, but in the end and after trying 3 different motors, and replacing the fuel lines several times, turned out it was the throttle servo. Once replaced, I removed the bottom cover hoping to find something obvious inside, but nothing at first. I went to move the servo wire and it fell out of the rubber grommet! Aaahhh, that’s not good! The servo wire at the servo, or just inside the case, was brittle and the insulation cracked, and the wires broke. I can fix this by replacing the old wire, and then I’ll have another back up servo. And now I finally have my Whiplash nitro heli flying right!!!

Now that the servo was replaced, it was time to see how well my Whiplash nitro will fly on the Jeti radio! I installed the REX R7 receiver and programed the Jeti radio and Spartan VX1n controller. First flight was flawless! The motor was running like it is supposed to, and the heli felt very comfortable on the Jeti. So now I am breaking in a rebuilt YS120SRX motor I trashed last year at IRCHA. This motor has so much power, I was able to perform aerobatics slowly and some mild 3D. So far I have 8 flights on my Whippy nitro, and I’m having a blast with it!

Mark has worked every weekend since IRCHA, and he hasn’t had any time to install his Jeti radio into any of his helis. So I let him fly my Whiplash gasser! Oh, that was a big mistake!!! From that point on, Mark did nothing but complain about having to use his “junky” DX9 radio to fly any of his helis. He took a liking to my Jeti quickly! He also complained about how sluggish his helis were compared to mine…all jokingly of course. So…as soon as he was done flying my gasser, I took his G4 and gave it a good tune up! I adjusted the controls as if his G4 was mine! Once I was happy with the way it flew, I proceeded to “jam” on it…hard!

This made Mark’s head swim and his stomach came up a couple of times. He was oohing and cringing during the whole flight. The more noise he made, the harder, faster, and lower I would perform maneuvers on “his” heli. And just before the end of the flight…I landed and gave Mark his radio and said; “here you go! Give it a try and tell me what you think!” Mark was afraid at first, but mustered up the courage to try it out…oh yea, he likes it. The following weekend, Mark was hoping to have his Whiplash gasser converted over to his Jeti radio. Something told me he would not have the time…and I was right! So I knew I would be helping him setup his gasser, and I was ok with that.

It took a couple of hours from start to finish, and I gave his Whippy gasser my touches in the radio programming! His gasser flies a lot like his G4, but slower. Mark was too overcome with joy and excitement to fly his gasser with his own Jeti radio, so I forced him! Guess what? He likes it…a lot! His muffler decided to break shortly after Mark taking over at the controls. This is typical of the gas muffler from Hatori. He has a TRM from Carey that will work just fine.

During the 8 flights on my nitro Whiplash, the rpm sense fell off and was chewed up by the fan and then melted some by the muffler. So I ordered a couple of replacement sensors. I looked the transistors up and found some replacements through Digit-Key, so I ordered 25 of them to try out. It seems like I never have enough of this sensors! Now I can make my own...

Also, one of the boom strut ends broke, aluminum end. So now to find one red in color will be hard, so I think I’ll use a black plastic end from…well let’s just say from some leftover parts I’ve accumulated. Now to solve a throttle issue my Whiplash gasser developed…and to buy more REX R7 receivers! I can hardly wait to move my N7 and Agile 7.2 gasser over to the Jeti radio! That will make 4 helis, with 2 more remaining/waiting to move.

Now that I’ve programmed 3 helis into the Jeti radio (2 on mine and one on Mark’s), it is getting easier to “run” through. However, there are a lot of parameters that need to be configured before flying, but it is well worth the time. The Jeti is truly a high end radio system, and one that will last for many years to come!

After thoughts…

I’ve been thinking about flying indoors and what helis I would like to fly this year. My 2 mCPx helis for sure, and I will look into getting the OXY2 when it comes out. I think the OXY2 will fit the bill for the gym we fly in, being the right size for the gym.

My work shop looks like crap right now. I have piles of stuff everywhere, so looks like I will be spending a little time cleaning everything up this winter. I might even try relaying out my workshop, making it more efficient…basically making proper storage areas for stuff, organized, you know... This would also be a good time to get rid of some of the older items I’m no longer using or don’t have a need for.

I think I’ll leave my micro helis on my DX9 radio and use the Jeti for the bigger ones, less wear and tear on the Jeti.

Until next time…
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