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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:7:2016

Posted 10-07-2016 at 12:32 PM by rcnut

Well here we are in October, and it won’t be long and Halloween will be upon us!

It’s been crazy weather here in the Midwest, cold/warm, rain/mostly cloudy, some sunshine, but only during work hours. The days are getting shorter by the minute, and we are running out of better days to get out and fly! I was planning on purchasing some REX R7 receivers for my heli fleet and a nitro conversion kit for my Whiplash electric heli, but my truck decided it needs some “loving”…aka CV joints! I thought the right rear wheel bearing was going out, but it turns out the sound was actually coming from the front right. My truck is an all-wheel drive and has 4 CV joints in the front, and two in the rear…quadrastear. So, I have to put a few things on hold for a bit until I can get those fixed and buy 4 new tires before winter hits.

And now I’m being invaded by those pesky boxelders and soon ladybugs! Yea, it’s that time of the year again, and they are coming out in force. The neighborhood is beginning to complain about stink bugs…I haven’t seen them just yet. My defense is a product called “Bug Slayer”. You connect the bottle to your garden hose and spray your house with this stuff. It leaves a very thin and clear layer of micro glass that cuts these crawling bugs up! They get this stuff on their legs and body, and while trying to wipe it off, it shreds them up. The only drawback is when it rains…the rain has the tendency to wash off some.

In the meantime…

My Whiplash Nitro…

During the last outing, the RPM sensor fell off in flight and was destroyed. I used one of the new sensors I bought from Digit-Key and replaced the remains of the old one. So hopefully I will be able to test it out this weekend. I also figured out how to recoup the metal ends on the boom supports after using JB Weld on them…heat, and a lot of it! I have a pencil torch, that I picked up a long time ago, and it worked just fine for this application. The carbon fiber literally slid out, so now I have several ends to make new boom supports.

I am liking how my Whiplash nitro flies with the Jeti radio, and I haven’t had to adjust anything yet…in the radio that is. It will be a little while yet for this rebuilt motor to break-in, but I like how it feels and I can hardly wait to really start flying it hard!

General stuff

I moved my Synergy N7 over to the Jeti, but I haven’t had a decent weekend to try it out. Hopefully this weekend will be nice and I’m able to give it a try.

My Whiplash gasser is still waiting for some throttle surging diagnostics…hopefully next week I’ll be able to solve “that” problem.

My buddy Mark is on the “endangered” list this weekend…he is having some outpatient surgery. I asked the doctors to install the latest “heli-pro” software updates into his hands! LoL! So he won’t be able to come out this weekend, next weekend for sure…providing everything goes ok.

After thoughts…

I started cleaning my workbench the other day, and boy is it a mess…along with the rest of my workshop! Fragments of heli parts everywhere, but I have started the cleanup…and flipping out some stuff… Now to figure out how I would like to set up my workshop!

Until next time…
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