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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 11:9:2016

Posted 11-09-2016 at 01:29 PM by rcnut
Updated 11-10-2016 at 07:45 AM by rcnut

Well here we are in November! Turkey Day is just around the corner! 15 days and counting!!!

The elections are finally over and now we shall see what is in store for us!

Turkey day is almost here, and I can smell the ovens cooking already! I’m looking forward to spending the day with family and friends…eating, talking, and then eating some more, napping on the couch, watching the game, snoozing some more, repeat! Yea, the holiday season will soon be upon us before we know it. I myself have taken the three days of vacation before turkey day to prepare. It is also my last chance to get out and get some serious flying in…weather providing!

Well my truck received 2 new front drive shafts (with 4 CV joints total), 2 left front tie-rod ends (the lower ball joint was ok after all) and 4-wheel alignment, a front left wheel bearing, 4 new tires, a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), an Idle Air Sensor (IAS), 2 cans of cleaner for the throttle plate and Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS), and a tail pipe hanger.

The weather here is beginning to ease up some. Mark and I actually made it out this last Saturday! We have plans to fly as much as possible this coming weekend even though we lose an hour of daylight Saturday night/Sunday morning. Yea, we have daylight savings here in the Midwest. Sucks!

In the meantime…

My Whiplash Nitro…

The motor seems to be hanging on when I switch into throttle hold. I tried to do an over-speed auto, but the main blades would not speed up. I worked on tuning the motor more in hopes it would drop to an idle, but the clutch system (clutch shoe or sprag bearing) isn’t completely letting go. I think it is the clutch shoe, but I could be wrong. I do have another motor I could try…

My N7

I finally was able to fly me N7! I had to increase the tail gain a little as it was a bit sluggish. So now it is flying great with the Jeti radio! I had a little too much fun with it the last time out, I pulled a wall maneuver at the end of a fast auto and didn’t quit stick the landing. My N7 tipped over breaking the tail blades and one blade link. I fix what I thought was broken, but missed something cause now it has a nasty vibration. Possible bent mainshaft.

My Whiplash gasser

My Whippy developed a surging throttle once again, and I’ll be darned if I know why this time! I tried replacing the servo, nope. I replaced the spark plug, nope. I unplugged the governor, GV-1 with the Stator Gator, nope! Well, that worked for about one flight and then came back.

The last time we were out (Sept.29/30th), I was practicing aerobatic autos, and on a pirouetting auto, the pitch slider ball popped out of the cup! Ok… I didn’t notice it until I started spooling up and checked the tail right before take-off. It appears the tail control arm is bent somewhat. Not sure how this happened.

So I have a spare control arm that I’ll borrow from my electric Whippy, and I pulled the Hanson 300 3D Max motor out of my Goblin gasser. I would like to see if changing the motor fixes the throttle surging problem AND, I want to see how the extra power of the 300 works in my Whippy!

Mark bought a Zimmerman muffler for his Whiplash gasser and it sound amazing! The power output seems to be the same as the TRM muffler, but quieter. I might buy a Zimmerman muffler as well, but I want to try the 300 first with the TRM muffler first.

I might have my Whiplash gasser ready for this weekend; that is if I get my butt in gear and finish the swap. All that is needed at this point is to remove the clutch and motor mount from the TRM275tt motor and install it on the Hanson 300 motor and install the motor in the heli…and then set it up in the radio of course, plus fix the tail control arm and reset the end points in the Spartan Vortex…etc., etc.

After thoughts…

I haven’t done much to my workshop as I have the case of the lazies…LoL! I guess you could say I’m taking a break. Actually, I’ve been spending time working on my truck getting it back into shape before the snow gets here!

Mark had his first crash this last time out flying. He was trying something different and it didn’t turn out quite right. The tail hit the ground and then the nose and landing gear. Damage is minimal, and he should have it back together soon.

Bill on the other hand is doing very well (that sand-bagger! ). The two flights per day several times a week is paying off big for him, and it shows. He feels more relaxed on the controls and has started breaking down the more advanced aerobatic and some basic 3D maneuvers. Now if I can just get him to fly a little closer to us! Bill likes flying 100+ feet away from us. It becomes hard to tell what he is doing at times, so maybe that's the method to his madness? Hey? Did you guys see that? See what? My piro-flip? No... Bring that thing in closer and do it again! Ah, maybe next flight...

Until next time…
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