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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:07:2016

Posted 12-07-2016 at 04:08 PM by rcnut
Updated 12-09-2016 at 09:15 AM by rcnut

Can you believe it? It’s December already! Where has the time gone??? I hope winter moves this fast!

Turkey day is gone and now Christmas is zooming towards us! It was a fun time visiting with family; however, I caught a cold from my nephew’s son…not good. In the meantime…the week of Thanksgiving didn’t allow us to get out and fly. The weather was crappy and overcast for most of the week. Sunday was the best day according to the weather reports, but it was foggy all day, so no flying. I have two repaired helis and one new to me, used heli ready for maiden flight.

My Whiplash Nitro…

This heli was on the workbench getting looked at…mainshaft, feathering shaft, main gear…the whole drivetrain. I found the mainshaft was slightly bent and that possibly was the cause of the vibrations at higher head speeds. I have the parts ordered from MA, but now we have snow! And more is coming…snow that is!

My N7

As it turned out, the feathering shaft was slightly bent. That was the cause of the vibrations. Once fixed, my N7 was flying great until I started playing with inverted autos low to the ground and then popup vertical and spin the tail 180 and land…not sure what that maneuver is called. I’ve done these before with great success, well, until I started slamming my helis into the ground…over confident. So I quit doing them. I started out high enough to bail out and I was doing well. But the last one didn’t go as good as I stalled the blades some and didn’t get to the throttle hold switch in time…the radio glove got in the way, it doesn’t fit my Jeti radio too well. I need to fix that!

I bent the torque tube and boom, broke the landing gear, and broke one blade link. Not too bad for a 10 foot fall. I made the repairs and now it is good to go once more! The test flight provided me with much relief that it is flying awesome once again! But it was hard getting into the groove at 34 degrees! LoL!

N7 #2

I had received a phone call from a new friend that I made at IRCHA this year. And he was looking for some info on gas helis. His interests were towards the Goblin gassers. He mentioned selling his Synergy N7, frame, motor/muffler, and some spare parts, to fund this heli. So I mentioned to him that I have two Goblin gassers that I am looking at selling. One is just the frame with all the upgrades, and the other the frame and upgrades plus the motor and muffler.

So we talked some and then traded. I took pictures of my Gobby and texted them to him, and he did the same with his N7. We both were excited and couldn’t pack them up fast enough! I received my new heli first and then used the same box and sent Justin his new heli. Both arrived safe and sound, and we are happy with the exchange.

I used the electronics out of my Gobby, MKS servos and a Spartan Vortex VX1n controller. It didn’t take long to assemble my new heli as I’ve done the lay-out already and know where to route everything. This made the process much faster! Considering the crappy weather and not being able to fly, I spent the day setting up my new heli. It was finished in the course of the day and with a new profile in my Jeti radio. I was planning to maiden my new heli the next day, Sunday, but it was foggy all day despite the sunny forecast from the lying weathermen!

Update: It flies great! Now I need to make some minor adjustments in the controller to match my first N7.

My Whiplash gasser

I swapped motors and replaced the tail control arm. The throttle surging has diminished somewhat, but it is still there none the less. I’ll have to work on this some more…

MA now sells the Zimmerman muffler and so I bought one from them. I figured it would take a few weeks to get it, but Mark found a faster method of getting it shipped here, along with some other stuff. So as soon as I meet up with Mark, I’ll have a new muffler to try out.

The last two times “we” were out flying, my Whippy had developed a buzzing noise. As if the tail control wire was vibrating in the guides. We tried putting lube on the guide loops hoping that would fix it, but it didn’t. So I took the boom off and the torque tube literally fell out of the boom! Oh? Yea, those plastic guides had fallen off the bearings…not sure how that happened, but I was able to snap them back on. So my Whippy gasser is good to go once more.

After thoughts…

I am kind of disappointed with some of the sales on the websites. It seems most of those specials are on “Select Product”…nothing I’m looking for at the present time. I did find a sale on a Spartan controller, the VX1n, but everyone is out of stock on those. I did find a place that has them oversea, but I’m not paying $60 over full price plus shipping. And of course Esprit only has select product on sale…and the REX R7 Jeti receiver is NOT on that list.

1-3 inches of snow is forecasted for us this Sunday. Saturday is the last day we will be able to get out and fly, and then it will be indoor flying…and possibly starting this Sunday! So I might be bringing my micro helis to church with me.

Yep! Saturday was the last outing for us as we received 3 inches of wet snow! Mark and I headed indoors Sunday after church services. We managed 15 flights each with minimal damage for a change. Normally we smack everything up beyond recognition, well, not quite, but close to it!

Until next time…
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