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Heli-Log 3:7:2017

Posted 03-07-2017 at 06:47 AM by rcnut

Ah yes…March. The end of winter, or the last month of it…I hope!

It is looking like March will be somewhat normal for us…cold, windy, overcast, more rain/snow showers…yuck. We were spoiled with the warm streak that moved through here a couple of weeks ago, and I watched the East get hit with lots of snow. On another note, the NIU students have built their project airplane for their upcoming contest. They have asked me to once again look/inspect their airplane and perform a test flight! Well, this time it didn’t go so well. The first test flight ended during a take-off attempt, the elevator stripped out while attempting take-off. The second test fly attempt ended with the rudder stripping out in air flying down wind. The plane decided to weather-vane into the wind and stalled out. The damage wasn’t as bad as I thought. It can be repaired and test flown one more time before leaving for the contest.

My Whiplash Nitro…

Ok, it seems the head speed is too high and the power curve on the YS120 SRX is too high. So I bought a smaller pinion gear and I will try that to see if that helps any. I still have a vibration/shake issue, but it’s much smaller now. Still need to find the source. When I replace the pinion, I’ll go through the head and see if I can find anything more there.

My N7

The main bearing decided to take a dump, so now I need to replace it…period. I was able to work on the O.S.105 this last weekend and found more issues inside. The last flight ended with the motor dying during a series of piro-flips. What I found was the location/anti-rotation pin in the piston was missing! It had worked its way out of the top of the piston until the ring was free and clear to spin, and that’s when the motor died. The gap had managed to move towards the intake port. And while trying to remove the cylinder head, 3 of the bolts decided to strip out, and I had to use an end mill to drill the bolt heads off. It worked great except for the last one; the end mill drilled off center and into the cylinder head some. It’s not bad, I could use it, but one bolt could possibly snap off.

So I swapped the body of my spare O.S.105-r pumped motor. Removed the backplate and carb and used the non-pumped backplate and carb until I fix the other one. My N7 flew great, but I need to adjust the carb some. It is running very rich for the time being.

N7 #2

I replaced the tail bell crank, so this heli is ready once again!

My Whiplash gasser

Still waiting for version 2…no word yet.

After thoughts…

Well, I have the weekend off, my truck speakers have arrived, and the weather is crappy and cold, so it looks like a good time to see if my new speakers fit and what they will sound like…and…work on some of my helis. I decided on the Polk Audio DB6502, 6-1/2” with separate adjustable (focal position) soft dome tweeter for the front doors, and Polk Audio DB461, 4”x6” plate 2-way speakers for the rear. The rear speakers are for “fill” only, so I don’t need to drive them hard. It shouldn’t take that long to install them, basically they replace the factory speakers…we shall see!

Hmm…I’m kind of at a loss here, I thought I had mentioned my truck speakers were failing and needed replacing in one of my post/blogs. I haven’t been able to find that post. Sucks getting old! LoL! And then again, maybe I wrote it, but didn’t post it! I hate getting old! LoL!

Well, with looking at new speakers, to replace the now old factory speakers; that lead into looking at head units, amps, sub speakers, etc. I wound up chatting with a sales person for several hours about what I could stuff into my dash, if I could hid a sub box somewhere without sacrificing space. I found a head unit that will replace the factory unit, but I needed to replace the dash bezel to fit the slightly bigger radio. Naturally it is all black and nothing like the factory dash bezel, so it needs to be painted to match what I have in my truck!

A friend a work suggested I try hydro dipping the replacement dash bezel, or find someone to do it for me (I’ve wanted to try hydro-dipping). In my truck, the trim package comes with a faded grayish wood grain around the bezel. I think that is called black wood grain. I could go wild and change the looks of the interior, but then I would need to gut some of the interior and send it out for a complete make-over. A more natural reddish wood grain would look great. I’ll have to ponder that…

I am planning a trip to the Heli Spring Fling in Virginia. That’s a 12 hour drive for me, so it would be nice to have this new stereo system installed so I can play with it during the drive. I installed the door speakers (all 4) and the new head unit. WOW!!! What a difference that made! I spent a good hour tuning the radio system and checking out most of the features in the radio. It will take me a bit to get used to the way it works, but I like it. Now I need some bass to help fill in the missing lower frequencies.

Almost forgot...there is a new little heli on pre-order...coming soon!

Until next time
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