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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:20:2017

Posted 06-20-2017 at 06:14 AM by rcnut

Ah yes…goodbye April, and hello May!...ah, June!

It’s been awhile since I blogged here, but our weather was mostly rain and cold…and with very high wind conditions? So far the rain has moved out of our area for a while, and now we have lots of grass to cut. Boy, if it’s not one thing, it’s another! My lawnmower and weed Wacker have been getting a good workout, but my lawn looks great! Sorry Tru Green! And not only has the weather been uncooperative…things in and around the house decided to break! The lawnmower broke, so I had to by a new one, the central air froze up, I had that charged but it only lasted 2 weeks…so time for a new system. I threw by back out, work has got in the way, had a health issue to deal with (lots of doctor & hospital visits). It’s been one thing after another! I need a break! LoL!

In the meantime, I received email conformation from MA that my production Whiplash G2 heli was on its way to my house! I received it on a Friday and started building it Saturday night after work. I finished it by the following weekend in time for some much better weather, but still 20+mph winds.

My new Whiplash G2…

The kit comes well packed, with many stages pre-built for you. So this speeds up the assembly process! And yes, the pre-assembled stages are loctited…I checked! The manual (that I received) is “marked up”. Extra pages glued over parts list of version 1, and hand written notes added. I’ve built several version 1 gas Whiplash helis, so this didn’t bother me too much. The official manual will be released on the MA website.

So let’s get started! The first thing you assemble is the swashplate, and nothing new here. I used red loctite on the balls as I’ve had some back out in flight…with other helis. Next is the head; the blades grips are assembled with the bearings and thrust bearing with minimal grease. I pulled the thrust bearing out and repacked them.

The next stage is the tail assembly…the tail blade grips are pre-assembled like the main grips, and I pulled the thrust bearings out and packed those as well. The slider is pre-assembled and no longer has the spring clip to hold the brass sleeve to the yoke, it’s screwed on! The tail gear box is also preassembled.

The mesh on the tail gears is beautiful, nice and smooth. The control arm now has a longer bolt and nut setup to keep the arm from falling off (this was a problem with version 1…sometimes). The boom is pre-assembled, torque tube installed with the bearings glued in place. Add the tail gear box, 4 tail wire guild loops, boom support clamp, boom front support clamps with the carbon fiber plate, and it’s done.

The fuel tank assembly is normal, but I have issues (now that it is flying) with the clunk moving around to all corners of the tank. Something I will try to figure out later.

So now it is time to build the center section. The top bearing block is normal, but the center and lower bearing blocks are new. The one way bearing is now back to it belongs, on the mainshaft! The clutch bell is all metal and pre-assembled...ok, mostly assembled. I've checked the screws to see if they have been loctited, and they are, so no worries.

The pinion gear is a 17 tooth, and the main gear is 117 tooth, which makes the gear ratio 6.88:1.

The clutch stack is closer to the bearing blocks, and this center section builds up very strong. There is a thin strip of carbon fiber that is sandwiched between the top and middle bearing blocks and servo mounting rails. This adjusts the geometry (vertical) of the front cyclic servos to the swashplate.

The tail servo has plastic blocks (comes with the kit) to place the servo close to the center of the boom. The tail servo is installed prior to mounting the other side frame. It makes it much easier to install. So now you can add the left side frame.

Another note I forgot to mention...this kit comes with anodized blue washers, BLING!

At this point, the body doesn't look that strong or like much, but it will very shortly!

So now it's time for the motor. I am using the Hanson 300 3D Max motor. This motor is well broke-in and tuned to the Whiplash V1, so install and go fly! The motor mount is anodized! Not that dull gray color, but blue! So cool! The kit comes with washers for the clutch shoe, for centering purposes. On top of the stack is the start shaft bearing block. I removed the bearing and turned it around so I can add the Jewel generator system, so I won't be using the start shaft to start the motor.

The motor drops right in. The manual is a bit wrong as to where the motor mount bolts are placed. It is the front holes and not the rear, no big deal. The kit also comes with blue anodized spacers for the bottom stiffening plate and 4 bolts to compensate for the spacers.

You will notice one of the spacers is a bit longer than the others. This due to the way Zenoah made their motors. One of the mounting tabs (I believe it's the tab by the carb) is lower than the other three. If you don't use the longer spacer, it will warp the bottom plate and it will eventually crack. Great job MA!

The landing gear is the Tuff Strut II. It is way better than the original design. The original landing gear was too stiff and would break the frame at the corners. This landing gear comes with the parts needed to make the conversion from the original. The skid tubes are anodized blue...nice touch!

I am using the mini BK servo for throttle. The servo plate was a leftover from another kit. I drilled two holes next to the full size mounting holes on the frame. I inserted 2 MA PEM-nuts (I have a bunch of those on hand) on the back side and bolted the servo in place.

The new bottom bearing block is also pre-assembled. It is beefy and very smooth turning. The hub for the one-way-bearing is pre-assembled. The main gear has two sets of mounting holes...not sure why. The top of the main gear is the flat side, and the bottom is concaved (large taper). The main gear and one-way hub is a very tight fit, at least in my kit. So make sure you have the right holes (tapered on top) lined up. The crown gear assembly has a metal plate that sits on top, a spacer/shield. The hub for the crown gear is a snug fit.

And now the rotor head is installed and time to start programming! But before I start programming…behind the start cup is the main shaft. There are two main shaft collars holding the main shaft in place. This is additional support for the lower bearing block...preventing gouging in the carbon fiber, and the possible need to keep adjusting the lower block. I seriously doubt that block will move much as there are 3 bolts per side holding the lower block in place. Pull up on the rotor head and slide the lower bearing block up against the one-way hub, holding the bearing block in place and tighten all 6 blots.

Now to lay out the servo wires, connecting the VX1n, GV-1, REX 7R receiver, and LiPo. Once everything was programmed, I installed the tail assembly and finished the tail portion of the programming. I save this step for last as I don’t like spinning the heli (during the cyclic servo centering) around having the tail fin knock stuff off of the workbench.

I like using the RC Booya pins and needed to open the canopy holes to accommodate the pins. I'm using magnets up front, so no thumb screws. However, and as an added touch, I used the supplied thumb screws as a cover for the outside of the canopy, so it appears that I am using the thumb screws. I forget where I purchased the magnets, but they have a counter sunk taper on one side, and I bought a bunch of 2.5mm counter sunk screws.

This new color scheme looks really good, and in the air! More on that later...

Coming up next, the maiden flight!

My N7 #1 & #2

Both N7’s are flying great. I’ve had minor issues with both (maintenance stuff), but nothing to complain about. Just charge the LiPo’s, fuel up and fly!

My Whiplash Nitro

Still has problems and I haven’t worked on it. I want to get a new clutch assembly (clutch bell) for it, maybe that will fix the problems?

After thoughts…

For some unknown reason, some of my posts are not here??? I seem to be missing the one for April…

Despite all the distractions, I haven't been able to fly as much, or work on, my helis as much as I would have liked. And it seems I have lost a little bit of interest in the hobby. Maybe it is time to slow down a bit? No, not really! It has been a challenge keeping up on everything and dealing with this bizarre weather. I try to get out as much as I can and as the weather allows. The weather seems to be getting better...then again!

Until next time…
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