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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 7:12:2017

Posted 07-12-2017 at 04:13 PM by rcnut

And now for July!

I can’t believe its July already! June went by so fast! The new lawnmower (a John Deer 42” Zero turn) is working great! I have a lot of training (learning) to do with this mower as it is my first zero turn mower. It is a lot faster than my old tractor and cuts better. Mark and I are finally getting out more, and boy, are we “rusty” at the controls. Well, not really, but we are not where we normally are in our flying. Normally at this time of year, we are trying new maneuver and pushing our limits. Right now, we are at the point of getting our helis in great flying order.

My new Whiplash G2…

The maiden flight went great. This G2 kit is fantastic to build and super smooth in flight. I was having so much fun with it, I had forgotten how long I was in the air and ran it out of gas. It ran out at the top of an auto that I was planning to perform. However, it was gusty and started pushing my heli sideways, so I tried to compensate and wound up stalling the blades some (not what I had in mind!) and slammed it into the ground. Damage was extremely minimal…landing gear, one blade link, and tail boom support clamp (sheared the screw off flush), one servo horn, and snapped off the tail fin.

I had most of the parts needed, and Mark had the rest. I had my Whippy back in the air the next day. This time I was able to get 3 successful flights on it! I did have a small issue with the GV-1 governor that became worse as time went on…

The new Bavarian Axon controller came out and MA decided to carry this controller. Mark bought one first, and I decided to try one. The setup was fairly easy, but lacked proper explanations as to what and how to setup all the features. Example; the “bank switching” isn’t explained like I would have thought, and I thought it allowed for 4 flight modes per bank…normal, idle 1, 2, and hold. That would give you a total of 12 flight modes, or you could have a gentle flying (big air) bank, a wild and crazy 3D bank, and a bank to allow others to fly your heli…or however you wished to set them up. As I am to understand it [and for the time being], the bank switching is tied to the governor.

Well, the next time out, the governor decided to act up and give me grief. The throttle locked full for about 3-4 minutes, and then dropped to 1900 rpm. Two minutes after that, both tail blades broke off and send my Whippy into the ground…yet again! I have all the parts needed to repair my Whippy…mainshaft, landing gear, tail drive gear, boom & torque tube assembly, and the tail output shaft. Yea, that was the extent of the crash.

I ordered the TRM300SE motor, designed for the Whiplash G2, so I’m waiting for that to show up. One more time in the air before getting ready for IRCHA!

My N7 #1 & #2

N7 number 1 decided to make what sounded like a motor main bearing going out. So I let Mark talk me into installing the second YS120SRX motor I have…just sitting in the box! Ok, so I installed the motor and started the break-in process. I forgot just how much power this motor has! On the 8th flight, I started leaning the motor out and boy oh boy! This motor is a freight train! It pulls my N7 around like a rag doll. I had to increase (I really didn’t need to, but you know, more power!) collective pitch so my N7 would move a bit faster for my likes. Yea, I’m getting power hungry with a nitro!

N7 number 2, not as much fun as the first N7 with the YS120, but fun enough! It is flying well with no issues so far! Maybe I’ll install a YS motor in that one as well???

My Whiplash Nitro

I’ve had some extensive conversations with Josef, the owner of MA, and I’m bringing my Whippy nitro to IRCHA for him to look at. Plus he has an engineering clutch bell for me to try…

My Synergy 766

I’ve been having fun with my 766 from time to time. And then Carey Shurley from Gas Powered Thoughts announced a gas conversion for the 766. Well, that sparked my interest, but I just became a Team Pilot for MA [last year], so how is that going to work? I decided to wait and see how this conversion was going to go over. Plus I wanted to hear about how it flies. Well, I didn’t hear much of anything; actually I heard and read nothing! Ok, so I’m a bit disappointed until, I get an email from Carey about the 766 kits…oh? So I ask him several questions and 2 weeks later…I ordered a kit and motor.

I received the kit, but the motor is on back-order, I should have it in less than a week (I hope). I decided to start working on the conversion last night. It took about 40 minutes to disassemble my perfectly flying 766 heli. So by the time I finish with the conversion, I hope to have the motor, or shortly thereafter.

I will do a full write-up in the Gas Powered Heli thread… I did finally see a video of Matt Botos flying his 766 gasser, and it looks great! Using the same motor I bought for it and on 766mm blades!

After thoughts…

For some unknown reason, some of my posts are not here??? I seem to be missing the one for April… Also, I’m starting to have some health issues that I need to work out with the doctors. It kind of sucks getting old!

I’m looking forward to IRCHA this year, and as a team pilot for MA, it will be different. There are several places (venders) I would like to check out, like the VTX blade vender. I am curious about how well these blades fly. I would like to see the new OXY2 heli. I might buy one for our indoor winter flying. If I get the chance, I would like to talk to Bert Kammerer about some of the tail servos he has. You know, stuff like that. Plus travel up and down the flight line looking what’s new and improved! See old friends, make more new friends…

Until next time…
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