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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 7:17:2017

Posted 07-17-2017 at 02:17 PM by rcnut
Updated 07-17-2017 at 03:55 PM by rcnut

The [almost] end of July! Preparations for IRCHA!

Well, July is almost in the books and IRCHA is right around the corner! It’s been a mad-dash to get as much flying in and our helis in order. I ordered the 766 conversion kit with motor, only to find the motors are on back-order. I also decided to buy a new motor for my Whiplash G2 (had to sell some stuff) considering I was fixing it again! Carey has a “run” on gas motors as of late, and he doesn’t have any in stock. I received an email from him, and I might have my motors late this week.

My new Whiplash G2…

OK…so I bought everything I needed from Scott, at Cajun Aircraft, while I was waiting for my order from Miniature Aircraft. I was trying to fix my G2 and install a new motor into it before working on any other heli…and that didn’t pan out too well. The motor is on back order (I’ve talked to Carey and Al, from TRM), but I should have one sometime late this week. So that means breaking in a new motor at IRCHA.

The replacement tail drive gear, under the main gear, turns out to be the wrong gear! The part number for the Fury Extreme and Whiplash G2 was only one letter different…”B”. Yep, the Fury’s part number is 0866-5, and the G2’s number is 0866-5-B. After several emails about this issue, MA changed the whole part number… the new tail drive gear number for the Whiplash G2, is 131-470. And wouldn’t you know it, a day later and my parts from MA showed up at my door! So all I need is the motor!

My N7 #1 & #2

Both are ready for IRCHA!

My Whiplash Nitro

This heli is packed for IRCHA!

My Synergy 766

As stated in my last post…I started the 766 conversion. It took 40 minutes to disassemble the electric version. I left large assemblies alone, meaning, the head, mainshaft, swashplate, upper and middle bearing blocks, cyclic (2 of them) servos assembled. There are already assembled and aligned, so no need to disturb them…well, those are my thoughts. I unbolted the tail section and left that completely assembled, less work to do there! So it didn’t take that long for the strip down.

Now onto the kit! I pulled out all the carbon fiber pieces and sanded all the edges, I really don’t care for this part, it’s messy, however, I do wear rubber gloves so I don’t have the mess on my hands. Once that was done and out of the way, it was time to build! Carey has you installing the side body standoffs and some of the frame spacers. Then it is time for the bearing blocks and tail transmission assembly. I had removed the main gear and pulled the mainshaft out, so mounting the center section was easier to handle. I followed Carey’s instructions, leaving the screws loose until the other frame half was joined and ready for alignment. I installed the tail transmission assembly, and then started on the clutch stack.

The clutch stack was straight forward and a bit tedious getting the right height for the side doublers…the screws being centered perfectly in the drilled holes. Once this was accomplished, the rest was a piece of cake and finished fast. Now it was on to the fuel tank. I made one deviation here, I used a different style of stopper versus the one that comes with the kit. I used the fuel clunk Carey sent with my kit. I cut the Viton tubing to the 5” called out in the directions. Drilled and mounted the “fill & vent” nipples, and plugged the hole where the original vent is (now on the bottom).

The tank is inserted into the left frame and now the right frame can be joined to the left side. Now the frame alignment can be done. As usual, I place the mainshaft into the bearing blocks (all 3 this time) and start tightening the screws around the bearing blocks first…then working outwards to the rest of the frame. The clutch assembly is added to the frame. The main gear is installed and the gear mesh is set on the clutch stack and the tail transmission assembly. Now the belt tension is set by the set screws on the clutch bell stack. The side doublers are tightened and then the grub screws are pulled out and loctited and reinstalled. Carey shows the gap setting between the clutch bell stack and the gear set, the picture says it all!

I added the tail and started in on the electronics. Since I don’t have a motor just yet, now is a good time [as any] to work on laying out the servo wires, battery extension wire, Spartan Vortex VX1n & Jeti REX7 receiver. I spent about 3 hours updating the Spartan Vortex to the latest version (V4.52?), compared to version 4.0, connecting all the servo wires, programming a new profile in my DS-16 Jeti radio, binding, and programming the Spartan controller to the heli.

So at this point, the conversion is done as far as I can go! Once the motor arrives, I will be able to complete the build…install the motor, setup the throttle link, add the pick-up sensor, program the throttle end-points, mount the tail officially, program the final tail end-points, run through the governor setting in the radio, mount the body sides, and go fly!

So this build is almost done! If I had everything needed, I think I could have converted my 766, ready to fly in 10-12 hours.

After thoughts…

I have a doctors AND a dentist visit Thursday & next Monday. I’m dreading the doctor’s visit as I’m having some issues with the meds he has me on. I’m waiting for him to say, NO, you can’t go to IRCHA! We need to get you stable on your meds and we need you here…ah, ok, sure…fat chance of that doc! Try and stop me!!! LoL!

For now, my head is filled with thoughts of the drive to IRCHA. Visualizing the drive, stopping for gas and lunch, pulling into AMA early in the morning, arriving at site 4 and seeing all the construction going on for the big event, and then pulling into site 3! I’m there! Ah yes, hanging out with the guys at site 3, getting some flying in, going out for dinner with friends and getting caught up on what’s been going on in their lives, eating good food (spending more than you normally would), checking into the hotel for the night, and then getting up early, heading out for breakfast, and off to site 3 for a day full of flying fun!!! And to think, we get to do this for a whole week!

I don’t think too much about Saturday night, after the fireworks…it’s pretty much over after that, and then the long drive home. After 9 days of IRCHA fun in the sun, I'm more than ready to go home! I have all I can do to get home to my own bed and shower! I try to spend the drive home reminiscing about the time I had there, the things I did and said, things you “wished” you did…or bought, and the friends you will miss until next year.

IRCHA is a wonderful time for many, and home to a lot of memories! I will try my best to capture my time there, as it unfolds. So hopefully my next post should be on the way there!

Until next time…

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this post...Carey sent me an email (PM) stating he sent me 2 motors! One for the 766 and the other for the G2. So I have some work to do for this weekend. Saturday is forecasted rain all day and into Sunday morning. So I might have 2 helis ready for some test flying/maiden on Sunday...we shall see!
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