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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:27:2018

Posted 12-27-2018 at 11:52 AM by rcnut
Updated 01-21-2019 at 02:52 PM by rcnut

Hey everyone! Wow, I didn't know this was back up! I have a lot of catching up to do here. So lets get started!

Last year was interesting for sure. I had an AFIB issue and the doctors put me on a beta-blocker. That messed me up! I had a slew of medical issues that followed. I was able to make it to IRCHA, but I wasn't at 100%...more like 40%. Later on I found out that two disks in my neck were ruptured and required surgery to fix it, that was in October. 13 months later, I needed another surgery on my lower back to fix another two ruptured disks...this last November. During this time, my heli flying dropped significantly. Mostly due to the weird weather we've had this year, plus fixing all the medical issues. So once I'm fully healed, another 4 months from now, I should be able to return to my usual flying status!

In the meantime...

My Synergy N7's are flying great. Basically wearing out parts versus breaking them. The Synergy 766 is going strong as a gasser.

My Whiplash G2 is back together and flying fine. This time it is stripped down to just a basic gas heli. No extra stuff like a generator or anything else. It is flying great this time around! My G1 is flying great as well.

I bought a used Whiplash Nitro from a good friend of mine and moved everything from my Heliproz Team Whiplash Nitro into it. Even the YS120SRX motor. It flies great! So that tells me the problem I was having with the Team Whiplash is in the clutch stack. So sometime next year I will order a new clutch stack, or buy the G2 upgrade, and see if that fixes it.

I bought the Power XL 700 heli at IRCHA this year. I wanted an electric 700 size heli due to having two sets of motor and ESC's just sitting around. I do have the Whiplash V1 electric, but gets parts, well, takes a while, so hence the Power XL. It flies great, but I'm having some issue with using the newer Beast X Plus HD and my Jeti radio. It flies great for now, but I'll work on getting it better.

I am finally getting ready to upgrade/rebuild my charging station. A few years ago I got the idea of an upgrade while I was at IRCHA. It was the rage at the time, and it looked very interesting to say the least. I bought everything needed except for two 12V power supplies. I will start this build in the next couple of months...if not sooner. I did some shopping around for the HP 1200FB a supplies, but noticed the price on these bad boys went up significantly!

I found a "new in the box" Fury 55 nitro on the forum and bought it. It is the flybared version. I found a FBL head for it and bought that too. I was planning to stuff an O.S.105 in it, but I would need to redesign the heli. So, I did find a suitable "bigger" motor that will fit...just need to buy it. More on that later!

Well, that should be good for now, until next time!

Have a Happy New Year!
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