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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:7:2019

Posted 08-07-2019 at 09:00 AM by rcnut
Updated 11-14-2019 at 05:27 AM by rcnut

So it's been awhile since my last blog... A lot has finally happened between now and then. For starters, my back is a lot better...a slow healing process; our weather has finally cleared up; I'm no long a team pilot for MA; IRCHA was a blast; I bought a new heli and sold one, and last but not least...I am going to try my hand at flying in the NATs. So let's get started!

Between Jan. and July, not much has happened other than going back to work on April 1st. It was 5 month off on medical leave...the doctors wanted up to a year off! Once back, it took a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. During my time off, I had lost interest in working on my helis, as it was a bit painful to work on them. But being diligent going to the gym 5-6 days a week helped me to get stronger...and possibly recover faster.

The weather finally broke, and it was time to fly once again! Bill and I got out a few times, but nothing serious. I was trying to get my heli fever back, but currently have no one really to fly with...well, plankers. So the urge to get out flying is slow. In the meantime, like just shy of a week before going to IRCHA...Bill destroyed his Fury 55 while practicing Tic-Toc's. He got confused and added too much negative pitch and basically watch his heli plow right into the ground. Not much survived...motor, servos, FBL controller. Funny thing was, I was almost finished building a Fury 55 I found in the want ads, and I was planning to fly with his Fury's. I was planning to take this heli to IRCHA to show off during the power-hour for MA, but I didn't finish it in time (needed to finish building the tail gear box), and as it turned out, I'm not on the team. So while I was at IRCHA, I called Bill and asked if he would be interested in buying my Fury 55, knowing he loves that heli. He said yes and that allowed me to afford buying the Synergy 556.

IRCHA came around early this year. Stories of our latest IRCHA president (now removed) screwed up the original scheduled dates, and IRCHA was bumped up a week. Ok... The weather for IRCHA was great, cooler than previous years. I left early (Sunday) in hopes to get some flying in, but as luck would have it, it was overcast with the threat of rain...and it did finally rain Monday. So no flying Sunday or Monday. Instead, I watched the NATs on Monday.

Even though it's boring to watch hovering maneuvers, it was interesting to watch the precision of each maneuver, and then the aerobatic section. As I watched for several hours, and talking to a few people there, I started thinking about trying my hand a the NATs. They say to fly what you have...hmm, I have a Synergy 766G (gasser). So I would be starting out in class 1. All I would need to do to this heli, is "dumb" it down for precision flying. more on this later...

As Wednesday rolled around, people started coming out of the woodwork. The flight-line had a couple of people flying, and I started my shopping! I had to stop by Cajun Aircraft and say hi to Scott. Scott was mostly setup, and I bought a few things from him. Allan from Helilids was one tent away from Scott, so I stopped by to say hi, however, I spent way more money there...I bought the new Synergy 556 nitro heli! And I bought the stretch kit and a whole bunch of other goodies.

When I first arrived at IRCHA on Wednesday, site 3, I found the MA tent and only Raja (the team manger) was there. I asked Raja if I was still on the team (I had seen my Bio on the MA pilot page was removed)..."I don't know". What??? He should know everything, he's the manager! So I went shopping. I returned when the MA team finally showed up. I asked both owners and got the same answer..."I don't know". OK, this is crazy!

The owner proceeded to tell me that all team pilots must sign a yearly contract...OK. He asked me if I sign the contract...I said no, I didn't receive a contract to, I'm not a team pilot? For this year? Who I left and hung out with everyone else.

I pitched my tent close to Doug Darby and friends. It was the first time in many years I tented with Ray & Mark, and then their friend George. We had a great time together. Met some interesting new people and made a few new friends. Hung out with JC Zankle for several days, talked to many venders, and made some new contacts for my possible attempt at flying in the NATs for next year.

Attendance was light, but higher than last year. The pilot dinner was OK, however, I opted for the pork tenderloin sandwich with onion rings...better choice! (vender food) There was a lot of cool prizes, but I didn't win normal. And of course, there was the night fly and night fly with big spot lights. I was burned out by that time, and called it a night. Said my goodbye's to everyone and went back to the hotel and passed out. Yea, I was really tired.

Once back home (ah, home sweet home!), I headed for the shower and almost drowned! The hotel shower dribbled water compared to my shower at home, plus I have soft water!!! Boy am I spoiled... But after a night in my own bed, and a nice warm shower, I was ready to enjoy two more days of vacation from work.

Synergy 556

So now that I'm home and comfortable, it's time to start working on my new heli. This kit is no different than any other Synergy kit. Everything is pre-assembled and packaged in the various building stages. It took no time to get the body built and looking like a helicopter. Everything fit very well and the carbon fiber edges are nicely sanded, well, they appear rough edges.

I had to remove the clutch stack and swapped out the 16T pinion gear for the 14T pinion...due to the stretch kit design. I also swapped out the tail drive gear in the transmission assembly. Allan, at Helilids, has the complete stretch kit available...boom, tail control rod, torque tube, pinion, and tail drive gear.

Once most of the body was built, I started looking at the servo installation and how/where I wanted to run the servo wires. I usually spend too much time at this point, but it pays in the long run. It wasn't much longer than I had thought, and I had the servos powered up and started connecting the servo horns, ball ends, and cyclic links to the swash plate.

Center the swash plate, mount the blades, zero them out, setup the throttle linkage, adjust the end points, setup the tail, and poof! It's almost ready to fly! I couldn't believe how fast this heli was to build. I've gone through the programming twice, checked the radio several times, and it is ready!

Well, except for mounting the canopy and checking every screw in the heli...just to make sure. There were no surprises, nothing I needed to do differently, other than using red loctite on the ball links on the swash plate. I've had a few back out on several I use red Loctite.

As for my setup...YS 60SR with the M-Studio 3D-Zero pipe, Spartan VX1n FBL controller, BK 7002 cyclics, BK 7005 tail, BK 7001 throttle, Rail 606mm main and Rail 96mm tail blades. A 2oz header tank, and a 2 cell 5000mAh LiPo.

Synergy 766G (gasser)

As I stated earlier, I would like to try flying in the NATs next year. So I need a heli to compete with. I'm told to fly with what I have...ok. A heavy heli would be ideal, and then "dumb" it down...make it slow, compared to the fast reacting 3D helis, smooth is the goal. Hence the reason for my 766G...and it will fly for like 18 minutes per tank full.

I've been trying to find out as much information as I can pertaining to the NATs, and start practicing. Pick up a can of paint to mark the heli pad and pilot area, and 2 cones for the corners 5m away (~15+ feet left & right of center).

So before I start this adventure, I need to go through my 766 and make sure maintenance wise it is good to go.

Aside from new charging station has been pushed to the way-side, priorities changed. I tried to work on that during my recovery time, but couldn't do it. I even wanted to swap out the EC5 connectors on my big packs for bullet type connectors...didn't have the desire to do that either.

I have two new sets of batteries to test out. The first set is from Scott, at Cajun Aircraft. He says they are really good, so I'll try them out. The second pack I bought was the HRB 5200mAh 100C graphene LiPo stick (12 cell). Apparently these are really good packs! I will see...

Well, that about wraps up what I've been up to as of late. More to come as the year ends (I hope)...
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