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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:19:2019

Posted 08-19-2019 at 09:54 AM by rcnut

Another great day of flying!

Met a couple of Chicago guys at our field yesterday...due to a NOTAR restriction, air show. This was a treat for Bill and myself, it is nice to meet and fly with other people, well, for Bill it is, I do this all the time. The day wasn't too bad, 82 degrees, light winds, eh, mostly cloudy skies due to threatening thunder storms, and somewhat muggy.

3D Dave brought his Diabolo and Goblin 500, and Jacko(?) brought his Goblin 500 and Synergy 806. These guys had fun tearing up the skies in our practice field. We fell into the the next up flight rotation and was racking up the flight counts!

Synergy 556

I brought my 556 to work on breaking in and tuning the motor some. The motor quit right at the 1/4 tank mark and was forced to make a down wind auto from 10 feet in the air. I've done this many a times without much problems, but this heli had different ideas. The landing was a bit rough and almost resulted in a tip over. The rear right strut cracked (great) with no other damage. Ok, so the landing gear is a bit soft.

I continued to fly my new heli, noticing problems with the motor and the fuel tank problem. I believe it is a two part issue. 1. the header tank is too high above the main tank. As the fuel drains out of the main tank, all is good until the main tank empties to the bottom level of the header tank. Then the header and the main tank drains together. 2. I am using the normal clunk that comes with the kit. A fuel magnet may help in this case. I remember having some issues with my first N7...and a fuel magnet fixed that problem.

I took off the header tank to see if the motor cutting out would fix the problem, and it improved some, so looks like I will be relocating the header tank and adding a fuel magnet. I ordered a fuel magnet from Helilids, and I'll install that when it comes in...

As for the landing gear, well I happen to have a built N7 landing gear for my new 556! I'll use that until I get a replacement...or just keep using the N7 gear. All in all, I put in 4 flights Sunday, and I am loving this little heli! I really need to increase the cyclic gain and tail rate some. Right now it is at an intermediate level, well, for me that is.

So far, this is a great little (600 class) heli to practice on / fly around! Which makes me wonder how the Oxy 5N will fly? So far (listening to what 3D Dave told me, that he heard) it is all good news! So I will be waiting for that kit to be released...and I will use the YS 60st motor in that as well. Yea...I'm power hungry.

Synergy 766

I ordered a boom wrap for my 766, from Gas-Powered Helis...Carey Shurley. It arrived this last Friday, and I had it installed Saturday. The boom wrap comes as the 806 length, so I needed to cut about 2 inches off the end as my heli is configured as a 766. A few minor adjustments here and there, and it fits very well. I was concerned about how the balance would turn was a bit tail heavy, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

I finished setting up the clutch stack and adjusting the tension on the belt. Everything was going great. I brought the 766 out Sunday to see how well it would look in the sky. I looks even better all dressed up! It took a bit to get the motor started, but it finally turned over, but at a much higher rpm than expected? I set the idle trim down a bit, and carried it to the landing area.

Once off the ground, this heli had plenty of authority! It didn't take long to get back into my old rhythm of flying. I was having a blast flying my 766... But in the back ground was the slow destruction of a fairly new motor. What I didn't realize, this motor was running very lean! Yea, I was having so much fun hanging out and flying, I didn't pay attention to how the motor was running, and I burned it up...oops. I do have a spare, but not what I intended on. As soon as Toxic Al is back in business, I'll send it to him to fix, and then put it back in. Lesson learned. the hard way. So this heli is almost finished and ready to be converted to F3C style of flying. I might build/setup a profile in my Jeti radio to fly it normally...3D fun!

After thoughts...

I have two more VX1n's coming in the mail...should be here today! (Monday) Now I can setup a couple of other helis that I have robbed controllers from.

I'm still on the fence about whether the SAB Urukay or Kraken heli would be better for F3C flying...

More to come later...
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