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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:14:2019

Posted 08-19-2019 at 10:00 AM by rcnut

The middle of summer fun!

So far our weather, her in the Midwest, is stable...more like what a summer is supposed to be like! Clear skies, light winds, low humidity, and stuck at work! I am definitely getting the heli bug back and can't wait for this weekend to start.

Synergy 556

I finished my Synergy 556 stretched kit Wednesday night. I started the assembly Monday right after IRCHA. It didn't take long to assemble...maybe 12 hours total? The wiring went a lot faster than I thought it would. Programming, a couple of hours.

Saturday after work, I met Mark and Bill at our practice field. I arrived first and waited 10 minutes for one of them to show up, but they didn't and I got a bit impatient. I pulled out my 556 and looked though it one more time. Fueled up the fuel tank, and started the motor!

The motor purred like a kitten. I slowly added throttle, checking the cyclic directions and tail, a bit more throttle and it lifted off the ground smoothly. This little heli just sat there 3 feet off the ground like its big brother the N7. So smooth, so precise. I started with my normal left and right pirouettes...mental note, add more yaw rate, way too slow for my taste. I had forgot to check the static balance, however, it is perfectly balanced in the air.

I had noticed the motor was acting a bit strange, running a tad on the lean side. On the second flight, I added 3 clicks to the mid and high needles. The first flight was flawless, smooth flying, great control, no surprises.

The second flight went just as smooth, but with a much richer motor setting. The flight lasted about 7 minutes, so I hope that will change some once the motor breaks in...we'll see.

I was going to put up one more flight for the day, but I couldn't get the motor started. I think it was my glow driver, it problem, I'll put it on the charger. Yea...about that...the charger I thought was for my glow driver doesn't want to plug into the driver??? Needs more investigation...hope I didn't throw it away...

Synergy 766G

I decided to take my 766G out for a couple of flights. I haven't flown this heli for almost a year! So it is time to blow the cobwebs out of it. Plus start practicing some of the NAT maneuvers. However, meeting the guys at 4 pm didn't allow me enough time, so I left it home.

The last time I flew it, it was making a belt/bearing noise. I checked the motor drive belt (yes, this gas conversion has a very small drive belt that drives the pinion drive gear) and low and was loose. When I built this heli in 2017, the gas conversion, I knew I would need to adjust the belt after several flights. However, I was having so much fun flying it, I kind of forgot to do this. Oops!

So...flying was out for Sunday due to it raining when I woke up. I put my 766 on the workbench and started in on some much needed maintenance. Upon inspection, yep, the belt was in fact very loose. Adjustment is fairly simple, but the Loctite I used, Lynx blue, is very strong, and I snapped my 1.5 allen driver inside the grub screw.

There are two bearing blocks above and below the clutch pinion. a total of 4 grub screws push against the drive pinion gear's bearing blocks to set the tension on the small belt. So in order to fix/remove the broken allen driver out, I have to take the top of the clutch stack out to retrieve the remains, or replace the grub screw. In order to get the frozen grub screw out, I need to heat up the bearing block, to loosen up the Loctite.

My pencil torch worked long enough to get the starter shaft off, and then clogged up. So it is off to Harbor Freight to buy a better mini torch...$14.95! Every place else was $5 - $10 more for the same torch...OK. Mine came without directions, hence the reason the package was stapled together and the sides taped, that or it was returned...

Anyhow, I filled it up and tried to use the igniter...didn't work. So I used my lighter! It worked great to "melt" the Loctite, and to get the grub screw out with the broken allen head. I found another grub screw the same length and installed it into the block. So now the clutch stack is ready to go back in the heli.

I also ordered the boom wrap from Carey, at (https://store.gas-powered-helicopter...GPH-LD766-0275). This is for the NATs competition for next year. I might wait to install this...but then again! I had the opportunity to fly a 766 gasser with the boom wrap (one that I built for a customer), and it was totally cool looking in the air!

After thought...

I'm also considering/looking at buying the SAB Kraken for the NATs. Not sure if this would be a good F3C heli...or the SAB Urukay. Now that's an F3C designed heli. However...$1600.00??? Yea, that's a bit much to swallow. The Kraken is $1100.00, and I do have the 766... Its too early to tell which way to go. I need to try the NATs first before jumping into the deep end and buying something I won't use later on...but I might like the Kraken?

During the week of IRCHA, I managed to use the gym (Anytime Fitness) for 5 days. Getting up early and working out before going to the Jamboree for the day. I was rough the first few days, but I adjusted and felt better later on during the day. Once home, I returned to my old schedule, working out right after work, and I was drained of energy, didn't want to work on any of my helis, plus, it got into the way if the weather was nice and I wanted to head out for a couple of flights.

Well, now that I have started working out very early in the morning, before work, I now have time to head out to the field and get those couple of flights in! Ah, next week. I just switched routines and need a little time to adapt. So I will see just how well this will work out. Now that the days are getting shorter...

I tried to post this earlier, but could find out how to post a draft copy...maybe cut and past to a new entry???
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