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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:26:2019

Posted 08-26-2019 at 02:00 PM by rcnut

What a beautiful day to go flying!

Mark and I met up for breakfast Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day to fly…puffy clouds, sunshine, 72 degrees, with a light breeze, and a bit muggy, but on the low side.

Mark was feeling like flying nitro all day and left his gassers at home, and a good thing he did! Mark pulled out his Raptor 800E, converted to nitro, also converted to a 700 size. This heli has the YS 120SRX motor and it is a beast! The first flight was a bit rough getting started as this motor hasn't run for over a year...maybe two? Mark flew it without any issues other than needing a good tuning.

His second flight was on his pride and joy, the Raptor G4. Yea, I have to admit, I love this heli myself. It handles very well, stable, it tracks well, and autos forever!!! I've done 360 autos with this heli which seems to take 5 minutes. Ok, more like 2 minutes and some change.

A few years back, at IRCHA, we were at site 3 flying when the Gaui team pilots showed up to do their practice for the power hour. I was at the sticks having fun with Mark's heli (the G4) and instructing him on some inverted moves. Mark told me the team was waiting on us and to land, so I did a super long auto. It impressed the team so much that I was asked to do that again! So up I went and did an even longer auto. Of course it was a bit windy which helped. The team just ate that up!

Getting back to reality, Mark was practicing loops and messed up the 5th loop, in a row, coming out. He wanted to change the exit direction and lost happens, and it happened fast. His heli hit the ground hard. It can be fixed, however, Mark has the desire to buy the Synergy N7 instead, and will use the good parts for his Raptor 800…mostly due to the availability of Synergy parts. He is also looking at the Whiplash nitro V2, but waiting for parts to become more abundant.

Mark put up another flight on his Raptor 800 and noticed the motor was acting up some. He asked me to test it out...the low end and mid-range was a bit lean. Ok, a simple fix, and a small adjustment to the expo in his radio. The next flight was much better, and Mark wanted me to wring it out for him. I did, but not too radical, I'm still getting my groove back. I gave Mark the radio and told him to see how he liked it. Way better was his response!

All in all, it was a great day to fly. Mark and I got caught up on current events between us and in the heli world. We both have had things happen in our lives that kept us apart from flying for almost 2 years. Time to get back into the groove!

Synergy 556

Ok…I fixed/replaced the landing gear with a spare N7 landing gear (basically one in the same…why have additional cost with multiple types of landing gears?). I needed to make a small jumper (yea, I could have bought one, but easier/faster to make one) to extend the data port on my VX1n (Spartan controller). And while I had the heli on the workbench, I plugged in the data pod and changed the cyclic response and tail pirouette speed…more please!

I also ordered a fuel magnet from Helilids to try out in the main tank…and I mounted the header tank much lower (mounted it to the top motor mount frame screw). I’ll see if that make a difference. The fuel magnets came in, both of them! I found two different types (and a third through MA), so I’ll try the Synergy one first. As a side note, the second fuel magnet is also felt. Possibly the same?

Saturday, I pulled out my Synergy 556 to check out some of the setting I had adjusted, and the new felt fuel clunk from Synergy. It flew great! The motor stopped cutting out after the half tank mark, and the increased cyclic (and tail) response is way better…for now. I put 4 flights on this little heli, and even let Mark have a flight on it! He loved it, and was amazed at how well it flew, tracked, and how stable it is. Now Mark is considering buying that heli! Yea, well, he still wants an N7...ok, cool. I’m liking the felt style fuel magnet so much that I might buy more to replace several others. I’m not happy with needing to replace the foam style fuel magnets every year to two years.

Synergy 766

I removed the motor and harvested the motor from my Whiplash V2…the motor transplant was successful. It took no time to install the motor and reset the throttle linkage in the VX1n controller. After swapping out the motor, it was time to get this heli back in shape. I re-tuned the motor and now it is flying better than ever. The new boom wrap looks awesome!

So, before I change the programming in the Spartan VX1n for the NATs profile, I’ll copy (or save the profile…if I’m allowed, not sure if that is possible) the profile and save it just in case I want to resort back to that setting. Well…after some thread searching and posting questions…looks like I won’t be using my 766 for the NATs after all. It’s too heavy, and with the boom wrap, balance is almost impossible to achieve. So I will use a different heli.

Synergy N7

I brought my N7 out, but didn't get to pull it out to fly. So this will give me time to fix the tail drive gear…like I should have in the first place! Now that I know how to setup the tail drive gear in the transmission assembly…it’s time to fix this issue once and for all.

Power XL700

There are several options I have concerning finding a suitable heli for the NATs… Buy a new heli or use one that I have already. So…the Synergy N7 or the Power XL700...of which are in my fleet. I picked the XL700. I have 5 sets of LiPo’s for it, including 5 battery trays, and a Spartan VX1n, to replace the Beast X Pro.

I brought my XL700 to get a couple of flights on it this last Saturday, and before converting it over to a NATs only heli. Well, I forgot to bring the canopy clips and the battery tray hold down screw, so no flying that heli. Oh well, time to convert it over…I had the Beast X Pro controller on it, which flew rather well. Now I have the Spartan VX1n controller on it. I also have 2 new LiPo packs I need to test out and see which set will work the best…then I’ll buy more of those!

After thoughts…

Morning workouts are proving beneficial for me. Of course, with only 9 days into the change to mornings, I am wiped out by the time I’m ready for bed. I do get a burst of energy to get a few things done after work. However, my sleeping pattern has improved a lot.

Once I get my XL-700 finished, I will start trying to get out to the club flying field for several flights after work as that field is much closer…I’ll continue breaking in the YS 60st motor and start some NAT practice…well that’s the plan so far. Also need to figure out how to do bank switching with the Spartan controller...

And now, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler! Go figure… On a good note…the apple orchards are open!

I am thinking of buying the new Synergy 696 basically to replace my XL-700 heli...and wanting a electric heli to play with, and I have everything needed for it. But that's something I'm pondering, maybe a winter project, or a backup NATs heli???

Speaking of winter projects, I have a lot of stuff to work on this winter! Things I neglected this last winter...yea, I blame my back surgery...

Until next time...
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