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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 9:3:2019

Posted 09-03-2019 at 04:27 PM by rcnut

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Let’s go flying!!!

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! It was a great 4 days off for me, took Friday off. The weather was better than what the weatherman was predicting…RAIN! However, I stayed in Friday through Sunday to update / fix several helis. In the meantime, Bill fell off the radar, medical issues, so no setting up the governor on his Synergy N5c, and Mark was busy with family…so this was a good time to wrench on helis…get er done!

Monday Mark and I met up to get some flights in before he had to go into work…yea, he works second shift now and starts his work week on Sunday…bummer! He managed 2 flights on his Raptor E820, converted to a G4…yea, I said it was a Raptor E800, my bad.

So now it was time to try out my XL-700 now setup as an F3C heli, and burn through 4 LiPo packs…well, to see how long it takes to perform all the maneuvers in class 1. Each pack will last 8-9 minutes, 10+ minutes if I perform just one of every maneuver. I practice each maneuver left to right, and then right to left, and with the better packs (older packs), twice. There are more adjustments I need to make in the radio to smooth out idle 1…the hover mode / low head speed, and I need lots of practice! Hovering at 1400 head speed is interesting…the heli is all over the place, until I added a little expo to the collective pitch. That helped settle the heli down. “I” didn’t think I did too bad a job my first time out, but time will tell and now the need to find someone I can get with to watch and critique what I’m doing…plus watching some videos… All in all, it was a great day to fly. After Mark left, I stuck around for 2 more flights and then went home to finish up on some chores.

Synergy N7

I pulled both N7’s down to my workbench and pulled out the tail transmission section to fix the tail drive gear. N7 #2 was an easy fix. I removed the gear to clean out the oil and dirt, reassembled and applied red Loctite to the gear and pin, and then let it sit to dry. N7 #1, I did the same thing only I replaced the gear as it was damaged some…too much slop. I also had 4 screw heads that stripped out when trying to remove them…from the tail transmission assembly. I used my new hobby torch to heat up the screws, which worked better than I thought…note to myself: need to make a template to avoid burning the carbon fiber around the screws.

After removing the old gear and holding pin, I cleaned the jack-shaft and installed a new gear and pin. I added (wicked) red Loctite to the gear and pin, and then let that sit to dry. The following day, I reassembled both N7’s. I brought N7 #2 out to fly Monday, but I never pulled it out.

Power XL700

Ok…I programmed the VX1n controller to the latest software release…4.52. I setup a new profile in my Jeti radio and erased the original XL-700 profile, as it was programmed for the Beast X Pro. I installed the VX1n and plugged in the servos and ESC…also I disconnected one of the phase leads to the motor. That has always been my “goto” for not accidently spinning the main rotor head with blades on (I needed the blades on to program the zero pitch when setting up the VX1n). Programming the VX1n is a snap, plug the data pod into the controller and connect the data pod to the mini USB that’s connected to my laptop. Using the Spartan Vortex interface software, I can go through every screen with ease and set what I need.

I also setup bank switching, which was a snap and a concept I just didn’t understand until I did it. In my Jeti radio, I can have 3 flight mode (or more as I need, I believe), but only setup 2 for now…idle 1 is set for F3C , and idle 2 is set for 3D…a default setting in the controller. I picked 1400 and 1900 head speeds to start out with as these are the preferred head speeds used in competition. Once the controller and radio was setup, it was time to program / reprogram…just revisit the ESC programming to insure I had everything setup correctly…and I did not…oops! I removed the blades (main and tail) as I would spin up the motor to verify I have the correct settings in the ESC.

I ran through the screens in the ESC, made a couple of changes, saved the changes and then tried the system out with the radio. Idle 1 & 2 now worked as I had hoped. I went through all the switch setting to verify everything and so far. And now for the “fun” part…NOT! I bought several packs of 5.5MM Bullet Connectors off of the internet just over a year ago, and bought 3 packs from Helilids RC Hobbies, while I was at IRCHA this year. Come to find out, what I bought over a year ago and from Helilids are identical! Go figure!? That was just way too cool! Figuring out how I wanted to setup the new bullet connectors took some time…not to mention redoing my charging cables (I think I need to make them a bit longer…). The EC5’s are just too bulky to fit inside of the XL-700 canopy, and I probably made the leads too long as well… Either way, now it is time to clean things up and get it right.

I made a few mistakes (2 of them, installing the plastic covers…the wrong way, and not enough heat on 2 of them, and…need new solder), but learned from them. The first pack took a while to figure out how to set them up, after that…cake! The wires are much shorter and fit under the canopy a lot better. I have just one more pack to do…well, maybe…

After thoughts…

Sunday morning, it had rained and the sky was heavily overcast. The weather report said it would clear up by 1:00…and it didn’t until almost 3:00. So I finally started cleaning my workshop. What a mess, but not too bad. Now that most of my helis are ready to go, I think I’ll keep cleaning and then look into finishing my new charging station…and then try charging my 12 cell LiPo packs 2 at a time, and all 4. Or maybe I’ll look into a better storage solution for my workshop. I do have a workshop make-over design I’ve been wanting to start…maybe now is the time???
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