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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 9:17:2019

Posted 09-17-2019 at 06:12 AM by rcnut

Another great day to go flying!!!

Went flying Saturday with the guys... Mark and I stopped at Mr.C's restaurant for breakfast, and then on to the field. It was a 10/10 day to fly...light breeze, clear skies and sunny, and just the right temps.

Mark brought his G4 and Whiplash gasser. He put in 2 flights on both, however, on the 2nd flight with his gasser, Mark forgot to fill the tank. His flight lasted about 5 minutes, and right at the time the motor started cutting out, Mark was practicing inverted flight. At the first stumble of the motor, he flipped upright, and then the motor stopped...out of gas. He did a great auto from a 100+ feet away from us without any damage...and left his finger prints into the back of his radio! Yea, Mark was a bit nervous and death gripped his radio. He retrieved his heli, fueled it up, and went right back out.

I brought my XL-700 and flew all 4 packs through it...practicing for the NATs. I had noticed one of the landing gear skids had a rather large crack at the bottom around the skid tube. By the 4th flight, both tubes had broken off. The plastic just crumbled. Outside of that, my hover skills suck, and the aerobatic skills are getting better.

I managed 2 flights on my 556 and 1 flight on my N7. The 556 decided to develop a fuel leak at the header tank. The N7 is flying great! However, not flying this heli over a year now, the tail piro speed is way too fast! That or fixing that tail drive gear (like I was supposed to) made that much difference… Bill even flew a couple of flights! He flew his Raptor 50 Titan. He did very well and commented on how good that felt. Bill has been having some medical issues as of late.

All in all, it was a great day to go flying, and wished it didn't end so fast. Mark said we need to pick a weekend to cookout at the field…burgers and hot dogs! We normally pick a day close to fall and do a “tailgate” cookout. Bring out the pop-ups, grill, food, and of course…helis. We spend the first part of the day flying hard, one after another, keeping a heli in the air at all times. With the 3 of us, that’s a 15-20 minute break in between flights. Then we break for lunch...well, late lunch, and then fly some more, about half as much. It’s an easy 15-20 flights per person type of day. At least for Mark and I, Bill is too busy talking, but he does get 5-7 flights in.

Synergy 556

So now I have a slow fuel leak in the header tank…the rubber seal seems to be loose? Ok, I have a spare tank and rubber O-ring, I’ll try replacing the O-ring first. Also, after moving the header tank to a lower position, it is now in the way of the remote start…time to relocate the remote glow-plug.

Synergy N7

After fixing the tail drive gear, like I was supposed to do, the tail is a lot better. It holds straight and has better authority. There’s not a lot I need to do to both of my N7’s, they fly great and I have very little trouble with them. Maintenance is very little!

Power XL700

Ah yea… Ok, I’m a bit confused over the landing gear problem I had this last Saturday. As I stated above, both tubes basically fell off of the skids. The bottom of the landing skids crumbled? The only thing this heli has sat on is grass and carpet, that’s it! No nitro fuel, gasoline, or other chemicals…nothing but grass and carpeting. It hasn’t been sitting in the sun light for hours on end, or in extreme cold. It is stored right next to my other helis…which have no land skid problems what so ever. So this is just weird that all 4 bottoms of the skids crumbled around the tubes…on the same day! Maybe a bad batch??? So, I ordered some replacement skids. And if those do the same, I’ll buy some other landing gear that will work! $12.00 shipped! I should have them before this weekend…

I have started adjusting the cyclic gain settings in the Spartan (through the radio…integration with the Jeti). I’m slowly increasing the gains, as well as the tail gain. Yea, I finally noticed the tail is sluggish at lower head speeds.
The 4 LiPo packs (2 Opto power 5000mAh, 1 Cajun Aircraft (orange) 5000mAh, 1 HRB 5200mAh) are doing great! I have the timer in my radio set to 8 minutes. I practice the first 4 minutes hovering maneuvers, and the last 4 minutes the aerobatic portion. In the aerobatics, I’m able to go through the maneuvers several times! At the end of the 8 minutes, all 4 packs are right around 30% remaining.

After thoughts…

Winter is on its way, and we don’t have that many weekends left for flying…11/12 more weekends until December. Here in the Midwest, snow flies shortly before or after Thanksgiving. Rain is either hit or miss. So out of the possible 12 weekends left, maybe 8 good ones left to go flying, and then it will be time to go indoors…until late April.

I’m still thinking about working on my workshop…cleaning/reorganizing/re-laying out? I need to organize my workshop, need area’s to store all the electronic “stuff” (wires, connectors, solder, soldering iron station, heat shrink tubing, servos, extensions, etc.), have sections for larger spare parts for my helis (frames, booms, torque tubes, etc.), re-layout the shop tools and tool boxes… I would like to build an actual workbench that rolls around (to help with cleaning and finding those parts that need to hit the floor, and can’t find!), with built-in drawers, and power strips… I have an idea of a lay out, but not sure of the cost just yet…

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Letter N, and by the number 7.
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