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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:4:2019

Posted 10-04-2019 at 01:13 PM by rcnut

Another great day to go flying!!!

I took my XL-700 out for some practice at our club field, on Monday…vacation day. It was finally sunny, windy, and cooler after a long 3 days of rain. first windy/gusty day of practice. The field was soggy to walk on...showing muddy foot prints. All in all, it was a great day to fly. Managed 4 flights and chatted with the locals.

Power XL700

I received the replacement skids, so now the heli looks better. The first flight was a bit confusing as all of a sudden the blade tracking was way off. I did the 4 minutes of hovering maneuvers, and then switched into aerobatic mode. It seemed that I had lost some collective pitch as I perform a simple loop and I used full collective pitch. After that flight, I noticed the anti rotation pin had popped out of the carbon fiber guild...great! It was an easy fix, but now the blade tracking is off. As a side note, the guild has too much slop in the frame cutout…might need to epoxy it in place?

Also I have noticed the Switch FX blades are not working as well as I would like, so I'll try a set of Rail blades. I'm beginning to notice things about this heli and wonder if it is the right heli for it durable enough? If not, I'll use it to practice on until I find a better heli.

Note: Oh yea, I was talking with Alan, from Helilids, and he told me the landing skid problem is well known…go figure!

Synergy 556

I removed the rubber molded O-ring from the header tank and noticed flashing at the bottom of the hole. This was most likely the issue with the fuel leaking. So I cleaned the flashing off and installed a new O-ring just in-case the original one has a scratch or cut. I’m using the YS 60 motor, so this is a pressurized system.

I really like the way this heli flies, very smooth, tracks as if on rails, and has the potential of being sassy…well, when the motor is broken-in more! It feels like a smaller version of the N7, only faster!

Synergy 696

After talking with Alan, It’s looking like the new Synergy 696 will become my competition heli. Alan told me: “Yes I have several flights on the 696 now. It is a tank for sure. Lots of beefed up parts. Sort of a cross between the E7 and 696. I’ve ran the head speed down to around 1600 with the stock dampeners running a gain of 70 on the cgy760R with no issues or bobbles. The dampener hardness can actually be reduced if needed. The 696 flies great. Very locked in using the CGY. And the landing gear is the 696 so it won’t break very easily.”

So looks like this will become my competition heli…just need to come up with the funds! Anyone looking to buy a slightly used XL-700??? Less than 20 flights!

After thoughts…

Been having some hip issues as of late (a sarcastic great!). Not sure if it is arthritis or the hip needs to be replaced…sucks getting old! And as I feared, mild arthritis. Which means more meds to keep it in check (I hate getting old!). Doc recommended therapy… I am not going to let this slow me down!

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Number 6, and by the number 9, and by the other number 6.
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