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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:23:2019

Posted 10-23-2019 at 06:42 AM by rcnut

Another great weekend to go flying!!! Not many left…

I took my XL-700 and Synergy 556 out for some flying at our club field this last Saturday. It was sunny, breezy, scattered clouds, and somewhat warm. Unbeknownst to me, the club was having a night fly…and I had sold my night flying stuff due to the club saying we cannot fly there at night. Wow, things change! There was a couple of members there when I showed up. Mike watched me practice on my XL-700 and asked several questions about heli setups and stuff. The other member was setting up his new Ultra Stick 30cc…it flew great! Other members started showing up as the clouds rolled in, along with progressive sprinkles. Time to go home!

Power XL700

So after 4 successful flights with the new skids, flight number 5 showed the rear skid had cracked! Great, ok, I’ll use someone else’s land gear.
I figured out how to fix the anti-rotation guide after some thinking about it, (As a side note, the guild has too much slop in the frame cutout…might need to epoxy it in place?). I’ll use some construction paper to sandwich between the metal bar and carbon fiber. This will take up the gap and make it firm. Just need to figure out how much paper to use.

There is a collar between the middle bearing block and the top of the main gear, it loosened up! Arrg! Another reason to find another heli. This collar has no lock-nut to hold it in place, just a threaded collar...we'll see about that!

I installed a set of 696 Rail blade and noticed a bit of improvement in performance, and a lot quieter. So I managed 4 flights (Saturday) with better results in my flying skills.

The two new packs that I had bought at IRCHA this year are out performing the Opti Power packs by close to 2 minutes of flight time…and that’s at 1400 head speed for hover maneuvers, and 1900 head speed for aerobatic maneuvers.

I did two rounds of hovering maneuvers with 3 rounds of aerobatic maneuvers on the Cajun (orange color) pack. When I came down, I was at 38%. On the HRB pack, two rounds of hovering maneuvers, with 2 rounds aerobatic, followed by two more minutes of mild 3D…28%, and that was a 10 minute flight.

Synergy 556

After I had finished fixing the fuel leak issue, I checked the needle setting only to find it was way out of adjustment…fixed that too. I put in 3 flights, tuning the motor each flight. Close to the end of the 3rd flight, and while performing a series of forward flips, the motor stopped suddenly, like it exploded internally. And wouldn’t you know it, I was inverted… I’ve been here many times before, so I finished the flip to right side up using a lot less collective, and just auto’ d it down.

I tried to turn the motor over by hand (with the start wand) only to find out the motor was ok! So I restarted the motor, and it ran! I took it out, minus the canopy, and hovered it. It died in a short period of time. Ok, something is wrong with the fuel system…clog, or a ruptured line. I’ll look into it later as the rain started shortly after. I was hoping to get a few flights on my N7…yea, well, the rain fixed that. I was getting hungry anyways and seemed like a good time to leave.

Synergy 696

Need funding!

After thoughts…

So far physical therapy is working. Hip feels better, walking is returning to normal, no limp. The weather here is looking great for Friday and Saturday…so looks like I’ll take a vacation day Friday. Yea, Sunday rain all day, and now the weatherman is talking snow flurries for next week! What??? Way too soon for that. Well, it is set for Halloween morning. Seen this once before many years ago. I was working the hunted fire house, and we received 1 inch of snow that night...early winter that year.

Until next time…

Today`s show is brought to you by: The Number 5, and by the number 5, and by the other number 6.
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