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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 11:5:2019

Posted 11-05-2019 at 03:20 PM by rcnut

The start of indoor flying…mixed feelings…

Mark and I headed indoors this last Saturday. Mark has been fighting and ear infection (he thought it was a cold) and has problems with the colder weather right now. Bill got the flu shot, and now he is sicker than a dog. I have the same problem with the flu shots, only I stay sick for 6 months! But not all at once, sick for two to three weeks, good for a week to two weeks, and then sick again. So I don’t do the flu shot thing. If I do get sick, it’s about once every 2-3 years.

So wanting to get out and fly...we arrived at my church only to find several activities happening all over the church. However, there is an open field right behind the sanctuary, in the narthex, and is viewed by a long string of glass windows, plus a door in the middle! So I said to Mark, we can set the helis down outside, come back in and fly while looking through the windows. So we did, about 2 flights worth.

The Blade 150

Mark was busy programming his new Blade 150, but was having some trouble with his DX 9 radio. I asked to have a crack at it while he flew my Oxy 2 him some flight time verses programming the whole time. Shortly after that flight, the group of kids in the gym finished and moved out, so we took over! It was getting late and Mark had to meet his wife for dinner. However, we managed 2 more flight each swapping helis between the two of us. It was a great start for the winter flying season, however, I really miss flying outside.

I will be curious to see how Mark’s new Blade 150 handles indoors. I’ll setup a 3D mode in his radio for me and give it a try. Plus, we shall see how it holds up to some of Mark’s crashing frenzy! LoL! One of the things I kind of like about the Blade 150, is the tail. It still has a motor, but a beefy motor with a 3 blade prop. This thing really holds! Also no boom supports, but a fairly large diameter boom with the tail wire inside. This heli looks strong enough to handle most crashes. As far as upgrade’s go…swashplate and rotor head, just to give it that bit of more control.

I got the chance to perform some flips and a funnel outside before moving indoors, the first aerobatic maneuvers before it crashes. Super easy to program in the radio, but that is as far as I got, I’ll look into it some more.

Oxy 2

I had bought the Oxy 2 shortly after it came out. I pick it up at IRCHA at a really good price! Well I got that due to my pre-order was all messed up. I managed a few flights on it during the winter indoor flying session, but that was shortened due to Mark having family issues and wasn’t able to meet me at the church to fly. That was a couple of years ago…I believe.

So this year I plan on flying the Oxy 2 a lot! I’ve had this heli for a few of years now, and it’s been fun trying to remember what I did with it. I have 8 sets of LiPo’s for it; 4 that are 850 mAh, and 4 that are 1550 mAh. The 1550’s barely fit under the canopy! But you get an amazing 8 minutes of flight…oh yea! Mark made the comment to use the Oxy to practice F3C flying, I think not! It is all over the place. I’ll have to look this heli over to recall everything I put in it…like the Micro Brain 2? And possibly BK servos?… I really don’t remember, another reason getting old sucks!

This little heli really moves, it flies great, but needs a bit of toning down some to handle close quarter flying, things to work on this winter. However, this is where you build your skills and orientation…keeping control over every movement. The gym is big enough to do flips, rolls, loops, backwards flight, some invert if good enough, and funnels, but all small and somewhat slow. This is where the Blade mCPx comes in!

My mCPx V1

The mCPx heli fits the gym space perfectly, but it doesn’t have that kind of power unless you mod the crap out of it, and I have…mostly. The mCPx is a bit small for our space, but comes very close to that open air (outside) experience. In the years past, I have landed my mCPx on the ceiling…inverted, a true ceiling fan, LoL! And I’ve managed to stick it (landed) on the wall a couple of times. Although very cool, but met with broken parts at times. I have two of these little monsters and they’re a blast to fly. We even fly them in the sanctuary when we get bored. The ceiling is 65 feet up! Yea, I stuck it on that ceiling too! I just had to…

Synergy 556

Haven’t looked at it…yet.

Synergy 696

Need funding!

After thoughts…

I finished physical therapy, and it is working…the exercises they prescribed. My hip feels better, walking has returned mostly to normal, no limp however. I’m having a hard time heading to the workshop and working on projects, due to the change in weather. With snow on the ground, I want to go out and fly! Here in the Midwest, we have changed to daylight savings, which shortens our day, adding to the misery…sucks! However, I have the urge to hang lights on the house before it really gets crappy outside.

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Letter “O”, and by the Letter “x”, and by the other Letter “y”, and by the number 2.
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