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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 12:5:2019

Posted 12-05-2019 at 05:58 AM by rcnut

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!...Gobble, Gobble…

Well, Thanksgiving was here and now it’s gone! It’s December already, and that means Christmas is just around the corner. It was a fun time hanging out with the whole family, eating turkey dinner, and all those deserts! Might have gain a few extra pounds, but it was well worth it. Now to work that extra off before the next feast!

I did manage to get out one last time with my XL700. Put in another 4 flights while the weather was somewhat nice. I went to the club field and used the new phone app gate lock. It took a few tries to figure it out/make it work, but it worked for me! The day started off somewhat crappy, but promised to be sunny. That was Monday Nov.25th, day one of 3 days of vacation, plus the two days for Thanksgiving. The first two flights were overcast, but the sun finally came out and warmed up a bit. I had time to get some nitro flights in, but I was a bit cold and had enough…yea I wimped out. It sucks when you’re alone. No one to take your mind off the colder weather, and no motivation to fly more, that and the grass was very soggy…squish, squish, squish, as you walked.

Total flights on the XL700 = 24…and then, I stripped it down for the electronics!

My new Synergy 696

On Friday (Nov. 29th) I called Alan, at Helilids, and ordered my new competition heli, the Synergy 696 with 716 & 116 Rail blades. It arrived Tuesday evening…yea, UPS was running slow that day. So Wednesday morning I started the build…up super early (2:30 AM), hit the gym, have breakfast, and off to the heli workshop! Even on my days off, I still get up early, arrg! The heli was packaged very well. Alan added the main blades to the outside of the heli box, and the tail blades, crying towel, Helilid lanyard, Synergy/Helilid keychain, Futaba servo horns (3 round, and one 4 point), Helilid decals, and 2 mints in a plastic bag.

This heli is the typical Synergy heli build, everything is pre-assembled without Loctite. So you get to disassemble each stage and glue/Loctite/grease everything. The kit starts by assembling the ESC plate/sensor plate/FBL (boom clamp assembly) trays. Next comes the frames… Installing the canopy mounts with break off tabs, the battery tray rails, and then the rest of the body stuff…bearing blocks, transmission assembly, frame spacers, landing gear, the 3 trays you built, etc. The landing gear is very beefy! It looks like the Synergy 766 landing skids! The tubes are pre drilled, so no need to measure the distance of each tube to the skid and running the grub screw into the tube. Line up the holes in the skids and run the grub screw into the hole, done!

The transmission assembly is a lot like the Whiplash version 1 helis. It has a “C” shaped aluminum cage with a spur gear in the center held with 2 bearing. A “jack shaft” holding another spur gear and a straight cut drive gear. This is a very simple and slop free system!

The body builds up very fast. Within 7 hours, I had the body and most of the electronics installed! The boom and tail gear box went fast as well, about an hour and a half worth. After Thanksgiving, I slowed down some to decide how I wanted to route wires and the rest of the electronics. Our weather here in the Midwest helped with the slowing down, no need to rush to get out and fly…it’s raining, snowing, cloudy, and windy! Your basic sucky weather, every day! But it didn’t take long to lay out the wiring, find the location for the Spartan controller and the Jeti receiver.

I am not a big fan of using the built-in BEC’s on ESC’s in helis ranging from 600-700+. I’ve seen too many burn up the servos and FBL units when they fail. Besides, should something happen to the ESC, I would like to have some type of control to bring my heli down as safe as possible. So I use a 2 cell LiPo to operate everything else. Finding a location to place this LiPo was a bit interesting. First, I need to be able to swap it out if needed. Secondly, I need to be able to check on the charge status after a flight, so it needs to be fairly accessible. I found two locations that will work, but one of them is too close to the bottom of the heli. And in the case of a very hard landing, which sometimes that happens, the battery would get ruined…not cool, so option 2 looks much better.

The LiPo is mounted at the rear of the frame, on the right side of the heli. I was able to use a battery strap, along with some Velcro, to help hold it firmly in place. The battery doesn’t impede with the tail servo or canopy, the power wires easily reach the FBL controller, and I can easily check the condition of the battery without the need to remove the canopy or the battery. Balancing the heli is even easier since the main battery tray is adjustable. There are several holes (7-8? Holes total) to choose from for the perfect balance spot! And there is plenty of room in the canopy for the battery wires. The only drawback is the LiPo is on the outside of the frame. I would prefer it to be inside, in which it could, but it is too close (for my comfort) to the tail servo should something happen…not completely sure which side to use at this time…

So now is the time to start programming the FBL controller…and this is where I left off. I need to make up the servo links, main blade links, and build up the cyclic horns. Then it will be time for some flight testing. Unfortunately, our weather is on the sucky side (yea…I said that already). Winds look like a bad roller coaster ride, high winds one day, medium to calm the next, and then it starts over…along with overcast skies, with some rain and snow mix! So I might, if I can’t get outside, take my new 696 to church and use our fairly large gym. The gym is big enough to fly an OXY 3 comfortably, but with this big heli, I would be looking to just hovering at a low head speed…but then again maybe not.

Overall, this heli was fun to build, fast, parts fit very well, carbon edges mostly smooth, not rough and need sanding. The head is programmable for different stiffness, the swashplate is heavy duty, like the 766. The tail transmission is a new design for Synergy, and well made. The tail gear box, just like a Synergy, tough! Oh yea, this heli is torque tube driven, not a belt! I cannot wait to fly this heli, it should fly very smooth! I ordered 3 extra battery trays so I can setup my LiPo’s versus swapping them out each flight…ah, using just the one tray. I should receive them Monday (yep, they showed up!)! Oh, I am getting so excited!

Anyone interested in a slightly used Power XL700…cheap?

After thoughts…

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. About 20 days away. I have a new heli to fly, and our weather is only getting worse…there might be one, possibly two days left to get outside before moving indoors for the next 3-4 months. Still need to look into my 556 fuel issue, work on my charger case so that I may be able to charge two LiPo sticks at a time, and clean my workshop. Yea…I’d rather go flying!

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Number “6”, and by the Number “9”, and by the other Number “6”
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