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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 1/3/2020

Posted 01-03-2020 at 06:03 AM by rcnut

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, 2020 already, it will be interesting to see what the New Year/decade has in store for us. Hopefully it will be a lot better than the last 4 years for me! According to our weatherman, January will be mild for the first half…but not so sure after that. I can’t believe how fast Christmas came and went. It flew by so fast! I had 9 days off from work, and it seemed like 4 days…WoW! So now it’s back to work! Maybe January, February, and March will fly by as well. Getting ready to head down to the workshop. My flying buddies have once again abandoned me for indoor flying. So as the weather permits, I’ll use our club flying field…it’s much closer to home… I have been thinking of some training exercises I would like to work on, but that will need to wait for better weather and sim time…

And then, to top off everything else, I found my blog post for last month didn’t post! So I’ll include it here!

It’s almost Christmas time!...

For us, here in the Midwest, no snow yet…but I’m sure it’s coming! The weather has been hovering around the 40’s with rain off and on. I did manage to get out a couple of weekends ago, and put in 5 more flight for the year. This last Saturday was looking to be another chance to get out and fly…37 degrees, 85% cloudy, with 8 mph winds out of the west…or at my back from where I stand to fly, but that didn’t happen. Overcast, windy, yucky.

Maiden flight on my new Synergy 696!...

I made up all the swash and head links per the manual. Changed a couple of settings in the Spartan controller and radio. Entered the swash setup screen in the Spartan controller to center the servos. Centered the horns on the servos, and built up the servo horns with the supplied carbon fiber horns, added the links to the horns and swashplate. Centered the swashplate, and then installed the main blades and links. This kit comes with turnbuckle links, which makes leveling and zeroing the swashplate and blade super easy! So now that that is done, on to the rest of the swash programming.

It didn’t take long to run through the programming to finish setting this heli up. Set the end points on the rudder, install the boom supports, check the boom clamps…make sure I Loctited them! Did I forget anything? No…I don’t think so? Ok, run through the manual one more time, everything…check! Time to go flying! While I was finishing up, I was charging all 4 LiPo packs.

Off to the club field for the maiden flight! I was greeted by some dude that was blocking the entrance! What’s this crap? Ok, a father and son were walking their dogs through the field alongside of our flying field. I finished eating my lunch as they came back. The father asked if I was going to walk my dog…ah no, I came to fly! Oh…sorry! After he moved, I pulled in and proceeded to setup.

Saturday was cold (37 degrees), windy (13 mph), and overcast. Your basic yuck day, but I wanted to try out my new heli before the weather became extremely bad...snow and ice. The first flight was great, but nervous. The winds were gusting some which didn't help to get a good feel, plus I forgot my radio glove at home and my fingers were getting cold. The flight went well and quickly ended. As a side note, 8 minutes can seem like a long time in the cold!

The second flight went much better, warmer hands, and got that first flight out of the way. I settled in to my practice routine and had a blast. The third flight I started to notice the heli turning to the right while flying a straight line? As the flight continued, this new problem became worse! I had all I could take with my hands getting cold and not being able to feel my fingers or the sticks, so I called it quits!

The next day, Sunday, the temps were better (42 degrees) and the winds were calmer (8 mph). So now I wanted to finish off the 2 LiPo packs and find out what was going on with my new heli. As it turned out, it was me. My left hand was so cold that I was pushing on the rudder stick! On the second flight, I started seeing the same problem as the day before. This time I took my left hand off of the throttle stick and low and behold, my heli tracks straight...just like it should. Definitely need to remember my radio glove!

I'm so happy with this new heli, I'm longing for some nicer weather! My new Synergy 696 flies very smooth and quite. It tracks as if on rails (no pun intended), and has that same Synergy authority. Like I’ve stated before, this kit builds rather fast, everything fits as it should, and there are no surprises. Even in the cold weather, the canopy fits rather nicely. I did add a drop of light oil to the rubber grommets to the front canopy to aid with popping them on in the cold…being new and all. I will need to trim the canopy slightly in the back…no biggie. I did, however, forget to lube the main shaft and tail shaft before the first flight…I’ll take care of this in the workshop as I’m looking everything over.

I had to swap out the 2 cell 3600 mAh LiPo that I’m using to power the electronics for a 5000 mAh pack…yea, I was in a hurry and forgot to charge that one! That is why I have spares for my other helis, but not an extra 3600 mAh pack. I’ll pick up another one soon. As another side note…8 flights per charge at 9 minutes per flight on at 3600 mAh pack.

After thoughts…

Almost time to retire to the workshop, lot to do down there… Really need to work on the new charging station, setup my Synergy N5C with a Spartan controller, and get that heli flying again, go through and checkout the 696 after it's maiden flight, ah fix the lighting problem in the garage(the lack of), and make some type of lighting strip for the family room. I fell off of the top step (sunken room by 2 steps), and almost landed on a couple of helis! Not cool...

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Number “6”, and by the Number “9”, and by the other Number “6”
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