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Heli-Log 2:20:20

Posted 02-20-2020 at 07:36 AM by rcnut

Feburary, and the start of a new project…

So package two of three has arrived! I ordered all new BK 7002 cyclic servos, with the BK 7006 tail servo. Package number two, is the newly released Synergy 696 heli…and it will be converted to gas! That’s right, a gas version 696G. Dennis had a small contest looking for a USA pilot that was willing to convert their 696 electric to a gas powered heli. I just so happen to win! However, I just started setting up my 696 for competition, and I really didn’t want to strip it down…with only 5/6 flights on it. So I bought another 696 kit.

I talked to my good friend Alan (at Helilids) and he helped me out a little for this project. I will be using the Spartan Vortex VX1n controller, the Jeti REX 7 receiver (the Jeti radio has Spartan integration, meaning I can program right through my radio, no data pod needed!), a 5000 mAh 2 cell LiPo, with Rail 716 mains and 116 tail blades. I am waiting for the conversion kit to arrive. Dennis gave me a tracking number (and it is coming from Greece!), so I’ve been watching its progress. As for the 696 kit, I’ll start prepping/building various stages while waiting for the kit to arrive.

I can actually build the center section (main bearing blocks, cyclic servos, main shaft, main gear, swash, links, and head while waiting for the kit. Build up the tail transmission, and tail section as if I was building another electric heli. And once the conversion kit arrives, just transfer everything over! The motor I will be using is the TRM 300 SE motor, with the TRM V2 muffler. This motor is already broken in, so no need to burn a few gallons of gas to find out what this heli is capable of.

Also, and according to Dennis, this is the first production run kit, and the first here in the USA! I’ve had this opportunity once before with Carey Shurley (of Gas Powered Helicopters), building the Agile 7.2 gasser… I brought it to IRCHA. Performed several demo flights, let others try it, displayed and talked about it at Carey’s “Power Hour” seminar (on Friday at 4:00 pm). Even the Agile group liked it enough, they sent a live stream video to the owner…while I was giving the team a demo flight. So next month is the Birmingham fun fly, and Matt Bottos should be there. I will let him look this conversion over and have a flight or two…or how many as he wants!

This should be an interesting and fun project! I will be curious as to how this heli performs, how well the conversion is made, how well it holds up, and what type of maintenance will be required. I hope to get some video of me flying this heli…however, it’s hard to find a good camera man, even if it is just using your own camera phone!

On a side note…I just check the tracking status of the conversion kit. It’s leaving New York! Woo Hoo, it’s in the states! I should have it, at the soonest, Friday, or Monday at the latest. Even though I signed up for updates, no official text stating expected delivery. So stay tune! It’s coming!!!

My competition 696...

Nothing yet…soon!

After thoughts…

Time to retire to the workshop, the fun begins…again!

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The Number “6”, and by the Number “9”, and by the other Number “6”, and by the new Letter “G”
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