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Heli-Log 2:24:2020

Posted 02-24-2020 at 11:51 AM by rcnut

Feburary, and the new build continues…

Sygnergy G696Z…

The conversion kit was waiting for me when I arrived home from work Friday. Not bad though, 8 days to receive a package from Greece! USPS. The conversion kit arrived undamaged, and it was well packed. I brought the kit to my work shop and moved parts of the 696 assembly to the side…so I could inspect the contents of the conversion kit. The kit comes with 2 frame sides, 2 front and 2 rear frame doublers, bottom frame/motor plate with 2 doublers for the landing gear, 2 clutch stack\motor mount doublers, motor mount plate, clutch bell, and a bag of screws.

There was no instructions or drawings as to where everything goes. So I spent the weekend dry fitting everything in order to get an idea of how this kit is assembled. I also needed to order some extra things…yea, my fault, forgot to check this out! You will need 2 more landing gear mounts (SYN-310-112), 4 frame spacers (SYN-310-110), 1 carbon fiber ESC mount plate (SYN-310-102), 1 bearing block (SYN-696-106), 1 bearing (a 12x21x5mm, SYN-108-125), and 1 fuel tank…10oz.? So I placed orders for the extra parts, and started looking for a suitable fuel tank. I found 3 that could work, but more on that in a bit.

I found where most of the components fit. The donor ESC tray didn’t quite fit on the front top of the frames, like the electric version, so I made one (versus buying one) out of a spare Synergy 766 battery tray. However, I did manage to figure out where it goes! Behind the motor (yea, the cylinder head faces forward, which places the muffler on the “left” side of the heli), and just below the main gear and tail transmission…I’ll provide pics later. So instead of a traditional side mounted fuel tank (sticking out of the sides of the frames), this one is inside the frames like a LiPo pack. I searched the internet for a 500ml tank, or 17 oz. tank. I decided to opt for a bigger tank versus the 10 oz. version (as mentioned in the list of extra things to buy for the build), however, I might try the 10 or 12 oz. tank. I found 3 suitable tanks, 2-500ml, and one 550ml. 2 of them arrived Sunday (from Amazon), a 500ml and 550ml. The 550ml tank is a bit too big, but fits, it sticks way out the back of the frame, so 500ml it is…for now (I have a 12 oz. tank coming). The 550ml tank measures 8.5 x 3.8 x 2.6 inches, and it just fits in the frame! It will stick out the back of the frame some, but I will see what the 12 oz. tank looks like once it arrives. Oh, and it is clear!

The clutch stack was a bit interesting to figure out. For the clutch bell, it is a very nicely machined bell, all one piece. The third main shaft bearing block fits on the top of the bell with 2 washers and a snap ring to hold the assembly together. The bearing block goes bearing side up. The electric kit has a bearing block for the electric motor, and that is used above the pinion gear. This conversion kit comes with a generator mount plate, for those that wish to use a generator…I might try this sometime later, but for now, I will keep it simple. The motor mount plate uses 2 of the landing gear mounting blocks. Hardware is provided to mount the motor plate to the motor.

Everything else seems like a normal build, placement wise. I am waiting for the extras (bearing block, bearing, and landing gear mounts) to come in this week. Then I can start Loctiting everything to the frame. I still need to build up the tail section, I can tinker with that and a few other things… Oh yea, both frames has the Blackout logo milled out along with my name. I stopped off at the store and found some florescent orange finger nail polish, I thought that would look good highlighted versus just the black carbon…to stand out more, and blend in with the canopy.

Later this week, I’ll try fitting the motor to see how this will fit and figure out how I am going to plumb the carb.

After thoughts…

Once I figured out the clutch stack and the location of the fuel tank...everything else was as a normal heli build. Time to retire to the workshop!

Until next time…
Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Letter "G", the Number “6”, the Number “9”, the other Number “6”, and by the new Letter “Z”
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