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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:22:2020

Posted 03-22-2020 at 07:15 AM by rcnut

[bMarch, and the build continues…[/b]

Sygnergy G696Z…

I installed the main blades and zero’d them. I moved through the programming finishing the swashplate menu. I finalized the wiring (took a little longer than I thought), and made up a power wire for the LiPo pack to run from the front to the back.

I started in with the canopy, making sure it would fit properly, and with my wiring placement. The front canopy pins were not out (spacing wise) far enough for the canopy to sit relaxed. Meaning, the front of the canopy was “sucked in” when you pushed the canopy onto the pins. This made the front look funny. So I found some spacers, about ¼”. This was the perfect size! A slight bulge sliding the canopy over the pins, but perfect once mounted.

Next was cutting the back of the canopy to clear the boom. It wasn’t the much, but needed. My dremel made short order of this, and it looks factory! Well, almost. The rear pins are a touch short, but fit just fine. Once in the summer sun, this won’t be a problem.

I looked over the body several times trying to find more to do, but it’s done. So I mounted the tail assembly. This was so easy, the boom slid in perfect. Aligned the tail fin and clamped the boom in place. I had pre drilled a hole in the boom at the rear clamp to help with alignment and to avoid twisting. This is not needed, but it is a habit of mine…since the Trex 700 and Rave 90N days. Both of those helis had a habit of turning in flight, so I learned to “pin” the boom.

A quick run through the tail section in the controller, and this heli is ready for flight! I installed the muffler, and looked everything over…it’s ready! Now I just need the weather to cooperate.

Maiden Flight

Well the weather was crappy to say the least. Windy, rainy with some snow mixed, overcast, and cold. I had to wait until Tuesday for a chance to fly this new heli. The weather finally cooperated! 46 degrees, sunny with a few clouds, and a light breeze! I raced home from work, not feeling doing this…long and rough day at work. But I packed up my truck and headed to our club field, much closer.

I had a problem trying to open the electronic gate, it would not work! Now I’, getting pissed! So I went to the school field, where we normally fly. I filled the tank, checked everything again, and proceeded to start the motor. A few throttle trim adjustments, and it's running! I go to throttle up and the clutch won't engage? I tried several times, but no luck. Empty the tank and go back home. Tonight I'll look into why...possible loose hub, stuck clutch, ???

After thoughts…

Being slightly pissed because of the locked gate, and now my heli won’t spool up…yea, go home and take a deep breath, think.

Time to return to the workshop!
Until next time…

Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Letter "G", the Number “6”, the Number “9”, the other Number “6”, and by the new Letter “Z”
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