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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:22:2020

Posted 03-22-2020 at 08:50 AM by rcnut

March, almost finished…this time!

Sygnergy G696Z…

I pulled the motor to inspect the clutch. My thought was the shoes was too tight/sticking. Well, it was somewhat, and that was an easy fix...but not the main problem. It was the one way in the main gear. So I need to pull the main gear out and see why the one way is backwards. Either I did this while reassembling the gear, after Loctiting everything, not paying attention, or the one way is simply installed backwards. Either way, an easy fix. Yea…it was me, I somehow installed the one-way in backwards.

And it is a good thing this happened! In the process of getting this heli up and flying for Sunday...I forgot to install the servo horn screws for the 3 cyclic servos, I would have had other major issues to contend with! An out of control heli…crash!

I've been checking the weather for the Birmingham's fun fly next weekend. I was planning to go there and show off this heli, but rain Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So looks like I am not going to this. Plus with this coronavirus pandemic making matters worse, I’m staying home. At least I can go out flying, buy myself, without causing harm to anyone.

Ok, and now for the maiden flight!

This last Tuesday, I was able to get out after work and maiden this new heli. After talking with a club member about the lock on the gate, I was able to get in...but didn't need to as there was 2 members already there. Temp was 46, clear skies and sunny, with a light wind at 4 mph.

The two members greeted me, and I showed off my new heli. They witnessed the first flight...Gene stayed for the second flight, and we talked a bit, getting caught up on life. It was close to 4 years since we talked last, we seen each other in passing.

I filled the tank, checked everything again, set the trim (after making a throttle adjustment at home, idle too low), started the motor, and this time I had to hang on to the rotor head...yep, the drive system was working this time!

I set the idle and walked out to set the heli down. I started advancing the throttle, and the main blades started rotating. Once the blades were spooled up enough, but not enough to lift off, I checked the tail and cyclic directions...all good. More throttle, and this heli slowly came off the ground! It's airborne!!! Balance seems good so far, controls are not that touchy, I added some expo just in-case. Checked the tail/gyro response...a bit too much, I reduced the tail gain some later, (second flight, by 4 points...better).

I pirouetted to the left and right, and then took off in a straight line down the field. Pulled up into a gentle climb, stall turn, and back across the field. I made several passes around the field checking the controls and reaction of this heli. And then it was time...right roll, turn around, loop, stall turn around, traveling back flips, turn around, tail down tic-toc's, stationary back flips, forward flips, half pirouette flips, side tic-toc's, and then some inverted flying.

All this time, the motor was running fine, a bit rich. The second flight, I started tuning the motor. That made a difference! I had more power, and performed most of the mentioned maneuvers even faster, and still no motor bog...but I wasn't pushing this heli just yet. I need to spend a little time getting use to it and finish flight tuning it, to my likes.

This gasser feels a lot like my Synergy N7, but slightly under powered compared to the nitro motor...the O.S.105. The controls are crisp; it tracks very well, as long as my fingers are not freezing! LoL! I shot the first auto on the first flight. I brought it in a bit fast as not sure what to expect. The wind was at 4 mph. So I can't really tell just yet, but it seems to float down nicely. I need to play with it when I have more time to fly and with warmer weather.

My fingers were getting cold, I didn't bring my radio glove, and I only had enough time for 2 flights. I felt very comfortable fly this conversion, and wished the temps were warmer and I had more time to fly. I will look this heli over during the next few days, as our weather is still trying to bring back winter!

This was a fun and a fast conversion to build. It flies great with no surprises or issues. It looks great in the air, and tracks very well. I can't wait to show this off to soon as this virus stops! Hopefully at IRCHA!

After thoughts…

It was a great day and the two flights. I really enjoyed flying this new conversion. I was very happy afterwards. I’m looking forward to many more flights. I would like to modify the canopy some to show the “gas” conversion name. And I would like to clean up the canopy some…sanding. To make the reliefs cuts look better. I’ve been trying to think of things I would need to do to this heli, but nothing comes to mind…well, outside of the canopy, final touches. Now I’m considering buying another!

Until next time…

Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Letter "G", the Number “6”, the Number “9”, the other Number “6”, and by the new Letter “Z”
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