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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 5:26:2020

Posted 06-01-2020 at 01:43 PM by rcnut

And now June is just around the corner…

Well this was suppose to have posted last month. Not sure what happened! So here it is again...

The weather is finally getting better. The rain comes and goes now, but getting mostly sunny…and humid at times. I spent the last 4 out of 6 days off at our club flying field, and mostly talking with the members…getting up to date on the happenings with the field. Our electronic lock is gone due to some older members not being able to remember how it works, so we are back to the combo lock…ok. In the meantime, I’m trying to exercise my heli fleet. Find out which ones need to be worked on…

A new toy!

I tried setting the quad up to follow my heli, but it didn’t work out to well. It started off great, and then got lost. Possibly something I did wrong. So I’ll work on it…

The new Synergy G696Z

I put up the new 696 gas heli for a couple of flights, and it did fantastic! That heli is flying great. However, it does come down a bit faster during autos unless there is a fairly good wind…10+, then it likes to float, I’m still working on that.

My Synergy N7

I flew my N7 for the first time since my back surgery, a year and 7 months later! It was right where I left it last! It didn’t change much, but I did…LoL! I felt like a rookie with it, but that didn’t last long. I started getting into the old groove, but realized I need to work on some skills. Yea, a bit out of touch with most of the inverted stuff. First attempt at flying around inverted backwards was a bit interesting! I managed to make a few laps around…it’s starting to come back, slowly.

The Synergy 696E

I put 6 flights on my 696E. A few of them was messing around with it like my N7. And the rest was F3C practice of course. It is fun to fly around smooth and slow making the maneuvers more precise. A few of those days out were windy (13+ mph) and provided a nice challenge hovering in one spot. That and moving slowly to another spot without veering off…more work needed!

The Synergy 556

Well it was time to get some flights on this little heli. Yea right, only 2 of them! I know it’s been awhile, but crap! The header tank leaks, one skid tube almost fell out in flight, the cap that holds the top bearing in the clutch stack (right below the start cup) had a screw come out in flight, and one of the canopy pins is stuck and I can’t get the canopy off! Good thing I placed the Deans connector towards the rear! At least I was able to unplug the battery. So this heli needs a little work! Now I have something to do!!!

After thoughts…

I am enjoying getting out to do some flying and meeting up with a few members. I was asked by our club pres., to join the rest of the pilots versus hanging out at the far end of the field. Well, I fly helis and they fly planes. Normally they don’t mix too well. I have flow many times with Gene, and it has never been a problem. We communicate with each other. If I am flying big air, I tell him, if I am getting wild center field, I let him know, and he does the same for me. So this is working out great…for now. However! I did find out we have an XFC heli pilot at our field! I talked to his dad, and I’m trying to meet this guy. Maybe we can get together…we shall see.

Until next time…
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The Number “6”, the Number “9”, the other Number “6”.
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