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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 3:21:2021

Posted 03-21-2021 at 12:17 PM by rcnut interesting month for sure!

Hey heli fans! Yea it been awhile since my last post. Covid has taken its toll, and has slowed my flying to a grinding halt. It has been 10 months the last time I went out flying. So hopefully this year will be much better. It is looking as covid isn't going away anytime soon, so it will be something we have to live with.

In the meantime, I used that time to rest and get my back healed...yea right! Wound up pulling a couple of muscles around the surgery area which set me back several months. Also, my Afib acted up, but this time switched into flutter that required ablation. And due to covid, I had to miss IRCHA. Needed to stay covid clean for the surgery, which was a few days after IRCHA. That surgery was successful, but more rest was needed. Does this ever end?

First day out for the year

Last weekend, I was able to get out for some flying fun! But the day started off bad. I had decided to goto my local club flying field. I pulled in, but forgot to close the gate (the club doesn't want any spectators due to covid). My mind was else were. I drove to my normal spot, but was quickly chased down. Yea, I drove on the grass (it was a little soft), and the other present club members pitched a royal fit. So much for asking to get off. So ok, I park where everyone else is parking and proceed to finish my lunch. Right in the middle of my sandwich, this old guy stares at me through my window. Doesn't say a word, just stares. And then he finally says; "now go and close the gate!" So I did! I pulled up to the gate, passed through to the other side, got out and closed the gate and went to the school instead. I got the hint...I wasn't wanted there.

I wonder if the other members asked that creepy looking old guy (he just stands there and stares) what he said to me that made me leave? Or maybe not! 5 people flying airplanes of various sizes, and one helicopter guy. I was planning on carrying my stuff to the usual area I fly in, but they would most likely yell at me for flying there too. Oh well...

Last year, during the hight of the pandemic, our club has its own club house. During one of the meetings, one person was a-systematic. He managed to infect 5 others! Of course not many were wearing masks at that time. So now, it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times at the field...outside! No using or going into the club house.

These people have no smarts among them. The UV from the sun kills the virus within inches. I want so badly to explain to them that flying their aircraft collects the virus and they get a massive dose by touching their planes...after they land. But...that would't be very nice, so I left them alone...


As it turned out, Bill showed up shortly after arriving at our normal place to fly, and we enjoyed each others company. I put up 3 flights on my N7 #2, and a half flight on Bill's heli. He wanted me to check it out first. Bill managed 2 flight, and did a great job flying for the start of the year. Wow, 10 months of not flying...I still "got it", but rusty. So hopefully I will be able to get a whole bunch more flights this year!

Yesterday, Bill wasn't able to join me, so I flew my other N7...N7 #1, the first one I bought. The second N7, I traded a Goblin 700 with a good friend. It only cost us postage. I only put up 3 flights as it was a bit colder and had wished I brought my radio glove. It felt great to get out and peace. Looking forward to much better weather...after the rain!

My other helis

My two Synergy 696's (the 696E and Z696G gasser) are all set to fly. The Synergy 556 is still broken from last year. One skid tub came lose in flight, lost a screw that holds half of the bearing cup on the top of the start shaft, and one of the quick disconnect pins will not release. So I haven't been able to remove the canopy. Fortunately, I was able to unplug the LiPo with the canopy on. The Whiplash Nitro is ready to go as well. The Synergy 766G (gasser) is waiting for me to get off my lazy butt and sent in the motor to find out what happened to it...under warranty.

The other 2 Wiplash gassers (version 1 and 2) are sitting collecting dust. Not sure what to do with those two. I have the Synergy N5 that I've been trying to bring out of moth balls, but get distracted when I start working on it...typical. I tried a couple of times to finish my new charging station, but loose interest.

After thoughts...

Finally bought a replacement MacBook Pro. This time a 15" used, and refurbed. It is way faster then my 11 year old MacBook Pro.

I'm finally getting my energy back to start completing project around the house, and start a few new ones. Like before all the medical problems that started in 2017, I wanted to string LED lights in the replace the florescent lights. 3 10mm strips 16 feet long (300 LEDs per strip) per rafter times 6 rafters.

Well, I started working on this last month. Bought 12- 2 inch by 8 feet long white strips cut from Rockford Central Plastics. And then 12 semi transparent strips. This is going to be bright! I might need to make a dimmer! The LEDs are laid out and fastened to the plastic strips, wired and tested...on the floor first! The defusers will go on top with spacers to help hid the "dot" affect from the LEDs...and then once the weather is nicer, mount them to the rafters!

Goblin came out with a new heli (again), the Goblin Raw. I just might buy that heli! As it is a pod and boom style. I was never to crazy about the big boxy canopy and boom. To me, it felt like flying a bus! It was cool at first, but nothing like my other helis. Thankfully, I never crashed the 2 I had, so I didn't experience the pain of high repair bills.
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