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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:10:2021

Posted 08-10-2021 at 12:57 PM by rcnut

It's August and another IRCHA is in the books!

I was able to attend IRCHA this year! And it was a blast! A much thinner crowd this year. I think the pilot count was around from the Saturday pilot's meeting. There were around 13 venders, some selling, most others showing. There was a lot of flying and many great pilots. There was 4(?) food venders there...breakfast at two of them, lunch, and dinner. The pilots dinner was much better! I believe it was from Moe's Southwestern Grill. You received plenty of food.

I arrived Monday afternoon, and Doug was setup on the flight line already. There wasn't much going on at site 3. We normally fly there until site 4 (the main flying area) is setup. The weather was fantastic! Monday thru Thursday was low humidity and in the high 70's to low 80's...and sunny! The mornings were between 58-65! Chilly in the mornings, but nice compared to the previous week, and now the week after...90+. By Friday, the temps started climbing towards the 90's along with the humidity. Thankfully, Saturday was only 88 degrees, and Sunday hot and humid! Time to go home!

It was a fun week of flying, even tho I did not get one flight. I tried, but the flight line filled up rather fast...and then emptied. I did fairly well with my back, walking on uneven ground. I walked the flight line several times a day. By Saturday, my back was shot, I needed a rest!

I tented with Doug Darby and friends. Doug hosted the Blackout Mods and Gas Powered Heli tent. I brought my Synergy 696 gasser to display. It's a Blackout Mod conversion. Doug also had a Goblin Raw gasser, by JC Design, to display and fly! I missed the opportunity to get a flight on it. Cant be everywhere at the same time! Too many friends to hang out with!

So, I bought a Goblin Raw from HeliDirect and got a great deal on it...ok, 10% off, show discount. I also bought the Protos 700 Nitro heli from Cajun Aircraft from my good friend Scott! So now I have 2 helis to build. Once home, I couldn't wait to get started on the Raw. I plan to fly this heli as an electric first, then convert it to gas next year...once kits become more available. That or buy another kit? Carey Shurley has his hands full making conversion kits!

As for the Protos 700 Nitro...I have a spare O.S.105 and a YS120. Not sure which one to use. I was told this nitro heli is very light, so maybe the 105??? Which ever one I pick, I'm sure it will be enough! I also bought a set of 1st blades for the Protos, just released. I was told they are very fast and light, so I'll test them out. They have 2 colors, orange and yellow. Those match the color scheme of the Protos canopy for the nitro version.

After thoughts...

I stopped in at the AMA museum...yea, ok, I was disappointed. The theater was closed, the special area has been reduced, the store is closed off, some areas are blocked off, the water fountain is shut off, and the registry is no longer. Some of the displays have changed. It's a bit dusty...the models. It wasn't the normal museum. Ok, yea...covid!

There was an issue with the golf cart vender...they left and took all there carts! So as the story goes, a heli member became rowdy with the vender, threatened her, and stole a cart after returning it. The agreement goes; the carts needed to be returned by 9:00 PM. Too many carts have been damaged in the past, mainly during the night time. So now the carts need to be returned at 9:00 PM. But that didn't stop this one person. Charges are going to be made by the cart company against that person. And in case you may, I don't know who this person is. However, he has ruin it for everyone else!

I don't think the cart company will be back next year, but who knows...maybe, with tougher rules. That's ok, I'll walk...for now, or buy my own cart!

I also noticed the people in Muncie are nicer than here at sad. I had to stop at Walmart in Muncie to pickup some meds...some of them were due the day I left! Go figure... The people at home are mostly stuck up and rude. The Muncie Walmart is much nicer. Most of the restaurants in Muncie are friendly. Meaning, they actually talk to you! Here at home; "Get your crap and get out!" It's everywhere! Smaller towns don't seem to have as much, so it is nicer to meet friendly people. Gone are the days of kindness and respect for others...

Until next time!
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