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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:16:20221

Posted 08-16-2021 at 10:52 AM by rcnut

So here we are in the middle of August...after IRCHA

This last weekend was rather nice for a change...compared to the 90+ degree days we are having! Warm weather, low winds, sunny skies, what more could we ask crashes! I took last Monday & Tuesday off to recoup from IRCHA, and this time to start working on my 2 new helis.

Goblin Raw

I arrived home just after noon on Sunday, unpacked the truck, and put away most things. I decided to start on the Raw heli, as I have everything need for this build and...I really want to know/feel how this heli flies.

I was fairly trashed by the time I started, so I was getting familiar with the kit, and I started in building it. I didn't get far into it, but got things going. The instructions are rather vague, you really need to pay attention to the drawings! Yea, well I didn't quite do that at times. I wound up redoing a few steps to make things right.

The frame has these aluminum blocks with nylon locking nuts pressed in. 3 per side, but mounted on the inside of the frame...and I saw it as on the outside of the frame...oops! It was minor stuff like that I missed.

The build went rather fast, 8 hours? Reprogramming my Jeti radio and Spartan Vortex VX1n, ah yea, I needed to get reacquainted with them. Being away from the hobble for 2 years, I had forgotten much. But like everything else, it started to bubble back up to the surface.

I managed to finish up the basic radio programming, and now it was time to test spin the motor. I used an Xnova 4035-500 motor (I think that's the motor...or could be 4535?), and the Castle Phoenix Edge 160HV, 50V 160-Amp ESC. Ok, I tried to use it! It wouldn't I went back to the manual, plugged in the adapter, pulled up the app on my PC, went through the programming, saved the settings, tried the throttle position on the radio...nothing! It just wouldn't work! Fine, I hopped on my computer and searched for the recommended ESC (per the Goblin manual), and after seeing the prices, I robbed the Hobbywing Platinum PRO 200A V4.1 ESC off of my Synergy 696 electric.

Pugged it in and it worked. Ok, go through the program menu, and I'm done! Now that the heli is setup for a test flight, time to finish this. I installed the tail assembly and connected the tail push rod. Back into the data pod, for the Spartan Vortex, and setup the tail end points. Check the tail direction and set the gain...roughly.

Now it is time for the maiden flight! Bill had called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go out flying Sunday, "yea, sure. Meet you at noon". It took a while to charge all 4 packs! Plus swapping the mounting trays. I was in a hurry to get to the field and forgot 3 of the extra packs...I left them at home! Dumb move for sure!

First flight attempt...

I met Bill at the field, showed him the new heli, explained a few new features. Now it's time to fly this thing! I spooled up the rotor not sure what to expect. This heli popped off the ground fairly fast. A perfect hover at only one foot off the ground. Suddenly I noticed the cyclic was backwards! I had to push forward on the elevator to stop the heli from the start of forward flight, and set it down. Switched into throttle hold, and go get the heli.

Ok, what did I miss? I saw the swash cyclics were completely did this happen? Having Spartan integration in my Jedi, I was able to resolve the issue! Yea, another mess up on my part. I had two servos backwards in the radio, and had selected the wrong cyclic direction. Ok, easy fix. At this point, I went through the programming again. Everything seems to be correct...let's try this again!

Maiden flight...

I slowly applied throttle and watched the blades spool up...mental note: need to try different spool up modes. My new heli popped off the ground smoothly, it sat in a hover very strong. I moved the tail to the left and right, checking tail direction and tail gain. Everything looks good! So on to forward flight! This heli is smooth, it took off with authority. One other thing I need to change, head speed. I still have my 696 head speed programmed into the ESC. Idle up one is set for 1700, and idle up 2 is 1950 ish?

This heli comes with 690mm main blades and 105mm tail. The main blades are a bit noisy, and autos are faster than what I'm used to. Another words, they bleed off lift at the end fast. I have a spare set of Rail 696's I can try next, but later, I want to get a feel for this heli first.

I performed some basic maneuvers at the lower head speed, and the Raw did great! Nice and smooth, plenty of power to do loops, rolls, and stall turns.

I switched into 1950 head speed, and WOW! This heli came to life fast. So I tried some of my normal stuff, and I was blown away. This heli handled everything I threw at it just fine. No scares or hiccups of any kind. The suck part was only having one pack to play with! I did some forward and back flips...very smooth. Tic toks, piece of cake. Big air loops, no problem. Pop ups...that scared me just a bit, there super fast! Fast forward flight...I need to work on that, it felt different, or maybe it's just me.


This heli felt very comfortable in my hands. It is very smooth with no surprises. It tracks very far. It looks great in the air! I have the yellow canopy scheme. Later I might try the orange canopy. Buy the carbon side pieces so I don't need to remove the stickers when I want to change colors, plus I get spare parts.

I do need to adjust the agility my likings...snappier! Too bad I only had one pack to fly on...still kicking myself for that! Next time!

At the end of the 5 minute timer, I shot 2 autos. Yea, it can float some, but bleeds head speed a bit too fast at the end. Need to recheck my +/- pitch again, just to make sure. That or try some Rail blades. I just need to work on this some. One flight is not enough to make a judgement on how well it can auto. Once down, I checked my pack and it had 40% left, oh! I could have flow longer. That's fine, I have some adjustments to make, and need to checkout my heli, bolts, nuts, screws, etc.

After thoughts...

Sometime next year, I would like to get the Scorpion Tribunus II+ 14-200A ESC for this heli. I watched the Bobby Watts review video, and I like how it sets up. Plus it is smaller in size!

I would like to buy another Raw kit and buy the gas conversion for it. Then get the Raw Nitro heli! Yea, looks like I'm getting bitten by the Raw heli bug.

I went to IRCHA this year in hopes I would be bitten again by the "Heli-Bug", get a bunch more flying in! After my first surgery, I lost some interest in flying...well that was in October, 6 weeks of healing (ah, no flying), early winter, stopped flying. The next year started flying, but started having lower back issues along with nerve issues...became harder to stand and walk. I was able to make it to IRCHA, but wasn't as much fun. Hard to get around, balance was off, and no longer a team pilot...that sucked! Second surgery in November, basically stopped flying all together. This surgery took a long time to get back on my feet. A very long healing process. At this present time, I have most of my balance back, and I'm able to stand longer...still have nerve damage to work through, but it is doable. Time to get back into flying again! that Byron Fuel is out of business, I need to find another nitro fuel to use. While at IRCHA, I picked up 2 gallons of Cool Power 20% Heli mix. Plus I won 2 quarts of 30% Cool Power Heli mix at IRCHA! So I will try this and see how well it works compared to the old Rotor Rage fuel. More on this later...

Now...on to the Protos Nitro!
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