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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:27:2021

Posted 08-27-2021 at 01:30 PM by rcnut

August is almost has gone by so fast. And now the temps will start to fall...

Protos Nitro build…cont.

The cyclic servos installed without much trouble. However, the throttle servo and tail servo are installed up front back-to-back, leaving very little room between them. And the kit comes with those (in my opinion) stupid plastic screws nuts! I’m not a big fan of those…hard to install, and even harder to install once your heli is built and you need to replace a servo…or pull it out and put it back in, for whatever reason. There is never enough room to get your big fat fingers in there to hold that little piece of plastic! Hemostats work well, as long as the super smooth plastic doesn’t slip out and go flying across your work area…aka, floor! Ok, I understand the reason for some of this crap…cheap, less weight, and keeping the cost of the kit down. Ok, I’m done ranting! ...maybe…

It was at this point I started jumping around in the instructions, yea, something I’m known to do from time to time. I worked on the tail section after finishing putting the body together. If this heli had a traditional tail tube, I normally save the assembled tail for very last, this way I’m not swinging the tail around knocking stuff off my workbench or taking the chance of dinging the tube/tail fin. So, I build it up, and have it ready to install. The instructions here are not too bad, however, when it was time to mount the tail box to the “boom”, the outer diameter of the boom was much less then the inner diameter of the tail gear box! The instructions state to use tape to take up the slack/difference? Really? Are you kidding me? Ah…yea, ok. Not knowing how much/thick the tape needed to be, I used some blue fine-line tape to cover the end. The depth of the gearbox worth. I had to remove the very end as it was too much. It took up the slop for a firm fit. And this kit uses a drilled-out spacer with a flange as the tail pin to hold the gearbox in place. Ok, more ranting could be applied here, but I will refrain for now. Being that this heli is belt driven, it helps hold the tail on in case the carbon fiber cracks?

And now you will love this! That spacer pin is held in place with the tail fin covering it!!! No clamping action from the tail gearbox, or a bolt through this spacer, just that pin being held in place by the tail fin. I will see how well this will hold up. I know the tape will degrade in time, and maybe the tail gearbox will become loose? Time will tell. The tail gearbox is a normal build up. I used the tail rod to push the belt through the boom. Next, build up the blade grips. And once again, nothing different here, other than adding a bolt to each blade grip for counterbalance…interesting! I left the tail push rod loop off as it opens and wraps around the boom towards the back. And I haven’t glued the ends on the rod just yet.

At this point, I decided to work on the electronics. Figuring out how I was going to route wires, which direction to mount the FBL controller, battery placement, etc. Well, this took a bit of the day Saturday. It was supposed to rain, looked like it, but didn’t…doesn’t matter, I have a new heli to work on! I needed to install the tail and tail drive gear to see what my options where. The tail drive gear is big! And it mounts at the top of the main gear. It also has the locking bolt to the mainshaft, and it faces up, not down like most other conventional helis. The main gear goes on under the tail drive gear, and the bottom bearing block has a small amount of adjustment to squeeze out any up/downplay in the mainshaft, that’s kind of cool! I chose to run the servo wires along the right inside frame. Wrapped the wires in a black wire covering, and heat shrunk the ends. I was able to weave the servo wires through the frame safely, but mostly hidden…I like a nicely wired heli!

The wire length was perfect, ending right at the FBL controller…I couldn’t have planned that myself! The throttle and tail servo extra wire length hides under the FBL controller plate…out of sight, out of mind. So now I know where my FBL controller will go. The receiver I mounted on the right side by the FBL controller…no room for it on the battery tray…hmm, might investigate that some more… The elevator cyclic servo is mounted on the left side in front of the mainshaft. I covered that servo wire and ran it along, very short distance, on the outside of the frame, and then back into the inside…it follows the other two cyclic wires. The extra length was inserted into the wire sleeve. I mounted the controller, made my own power extension…from the LiPo to the controller and receiver, mounted the LiPo pack, and routed the antenna wires. I forgot to mention the RPM sensor! I’m using a backplate sensor on my O.S.105 motor and plugged it into the RPM sense port on the controller.

At this point I decided to add the tail. 4 long 3mm bolts holds this long tail in place…ok. I twisted the tail belt to the right configuration and wrapped it around the tail drive gear. Dropped in the mainshaft with the head and swashplate into the top bearing block, into the middle bearing block, into the tail drive gear, main gear, and lower bearing block. It takes a little bit of force to stretch out the tail belt, in order to get the tail gear to line-up with the mainshaft. Once in, the rest is easy…oh yea, you need remove the front two bolts from the bottom bearing block in order to squeeze in the main gear. It is a tight fit! Lift the front of the bearing block and insert the bolts and tighten.

I had to open the slot in the anti-rotation bracket, it is a very tight fit for the 2 stacked bearings. A little filing on both sides fixed this problem. Snapped the 3-swashplate links on the servo horns and prep my new heli for some programming! While I was at IRCHA, Helidirect had some new rotor blades that just came out… 1st Main Blades CFK 710mm FBL, color Orange. Several pilots were testing them out, and I heard good things about them, so I bought a pair in orange to match the canopy color scheme, and a matching set of tail blades, also by 1st. Helidirect also has yellow blades. But when it came time to install the main blades, they fit rather tight in the blade grips. I’ve read about this, and it should loosen up some after a few flights…I’ll see!

The programming went smooth, now that I’ve been reacquainted with my radio. Setting up the servo arms was a snap, press down on the swashplate and leveling tool, tighten the servo arm screws, and poof! You’re done…level. That was too easy. Setting up the tail is the same way! Place the leveling tool between the tail gearbox and tail pitch slider, connect both rods, and center the tail servo…done. Placed the tail rod clamp on the boom, centered it…that’s done. I shall see how well this works on the maiden flight.

I’m at that point now of checking everything, all the screws and bolts, going through the instructions making sure I didn’t forget something, looking to see what is left to be done… So far, I need to plumb the tank to the motor and stash away the tach wire, and then it’s time to fly.

I had to find my fuel tubing…oh yea, it was in my flight box! Plumbed the tank, so that’s done. Figured out how to route the RPM sensor wire for now. I’m planning on making a longer extension wire so that I can use the wire sleeving to cover more of the servo wire and double the extra in the sleeve. This way the connector will be protected and in a better location.

So, everything is complete! A fresh new heli, ready for its maiden flight…tomorrow (Saturday). Forecast 94 degrees! The following weekend…80 degrees, oh I think summer is over!

After thought…

In the process of looking for my stash of nitro fuel tubing (and then remembering it was in my flight box), I started cleaning some of the top layer junk on my workbench. Yea, I really need to clean this area!

The Protos was an interesting build for sure. It will be interesting to see how well it holds up. It will also be interesting to feel how this heli compares to my Raw. The power factor won’t be even, but how the heli handles is what I’m looking at…which one will I like better?

I also need to find out about the oil content in Cool Power fuel. Are they using a caster oil blend, straight synthetic, what? And possibly compare Cool Power to VP heli fuel…and where to buy it…close to me! I had the opportunity to buy a couple of gallons of VP heli fuel 15% when I was at IRCHA, but thought Cool Power was a better buy...not sure.

Until next time...

Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Letter "P", the Letter "R", the Letter "O", the Letter "T", Letter "O", and the Letter "S
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