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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 8:28:2021

Posted 08-28-2021 at 08:16 PM by rcnut
Updated 08-29-2021 at 05:22 PM by rcnut

3 Days left for August, and then we start into the fall season...

Well, today was sure a hot one. 94 degrees with some humidity...not a lot, just enough to make you sticky and sweaty. Big puffy clouds and plenty of sun! There was a warm breeze coming out of the was nice... But the more important part was the maiden of my new Protos Nitro. This thing is light! It feels tail heavy holding it, but the balance is spot on! I looked everything over one more time, before powering it up for flight. Checked the controls, filled the tanks, past the point of return...aka just going home due to the heat!

Maiden Flight

I set the throttle trim on the transmitter, plugged the glow igniter in, and spun the motor! I wasn't sure where the motor was going to start on the trim, and I had to give it a bit more trim. The O.S.105 popped off and sounded good. I walked out to my flying spot and set it down. Ok...last radio check. I spooled up the motor and while the blades were spinning, but not quite fast enough for lift off, I bumped the cyclic controls to verify proper direction, as well as the tail...everything is good!

Added more throttle, and I'm off the ground! This heli is even light feeling in the air! Need to make and adjustment to the agility on the's fast! The tail gain was a bit too high, it wagged in right hand turns. It buzzed some during high speed turns. No problem! I can turn that down in the radio...Jeti integration, gotta love it. I checked the pirouette rate left and right...FAST! Checked idle up 1 & change? Yea, I richened the high needle some, not sure how this motor was going to react to the heli.

I landed and turned the high needle in 3 clicks. That did it, now I have two different head speeds to play with. Time to fly this thing! I started in with my normal routine, big air loops, rolls, stall turns, and then into 3D flying...all on the same tank of fuel. I had the timer set to 7 minutes...not sure how long the fuel will last in this tank, plus, no header tank. There really isn't any practical place to install let's see how long it will last, and how well the bubble less clunk works. Roughly 8 minutes of flight time, but still working on it.

I threw everything I could, what my nerve would let me do for not flying in some time. This heli took it with extra left over. It is a tank! Inverted flight is smooth as silk, but I was nervous! Haven't flown inverted in some time, but it was coming back rather fast. Now some reason the inverted punch seems somewhat weak, but then again, it could be me.

Forward and back flips, piece of cake! The roll rate was out of control, it freaked me out some! It was fast! Ok, need to back the down some in the controller. I had some bobbling which could be from the dampners or too high of head gain. So I went into the controller, through the radio, and dropped the gain some. That fixed that! Adjusted the tail gain a bunch, fixed...bumped the fight timer to 8 minutes for now...adjusted the cyclic agility down a few points, much better...for now.

Time to try an auto! Oh wow! This heli is a floater, much like my Synergy N7. With the 1st blades, it comes down slow, and there is enough lift at the end to touch down very gently. The orange 1st blades look great in the air, but are a bit noisy...not bad, has a little bark to them...I like it! They are not as floppy was some have said, they have enough "pop" to get the job done without killing head speed. The 1st tail blades have plenty of authority, no issues there, but then again, I'm not a hot-dog 3D pilot either.

On the 3rd flight, I noticed the low end was a bit lean when shooting autos, it hung up a bit, and then settled in like it problem, an easy fix. At the end of the second flight, I noticed 3 bolts fell off from the battery tray! Only one remained, and it was partially out! I dug out 3 spares (a bit too long, but good enough for another flight) and fixed this temporarily. At this point, before flight number 3, I looked the whole heli over...all the screws are in place and tight. I did notice there is a very small amount of mainshaft play, up/down. Need a shim? Something I'll look into later.

After thoughts...

It flies! What a rush! It took a couple of flights and a few adjustments to dial this heli in. All I can say at this time, is WOW! I feels good in the air. I feel very comfortable at the controls. The canopy color scheme is very visible and easy to tell where it is at at all times. The orange landing gear somewhat matches the canopy, but maybe the stock white gear might look better... I'm not sold just yet on the idea of gorilla gear, they are flimsy, and I'm wondering when they will break. The landing skids seem a bit short in length, that or set a tad forward. This heli doesn't want to set flat on the gear, but falls slightly on the tail, making it seem tail heavy. I'll let it grow on me some... Also, the blade grips are still stiff/tight. It hasn't affected the way it flies, but makes me a bit nervous.

After a couple of flights on my new Protos, I had 4 packs to burn though in the Raw! This heli is solid, powerful, and proud. The yellow canopy, or lack of, has a tendency to disappear in the sky. There were a couple of times I lost the orientation of this heli in a vertical climb. I knew where I was and what I was doing, it only lasted for a second, but that can be too long if in trouble, or you bling at the wrong time. Maybe the orange canopy would work? I had to make several adjustments to the heli to get it the way I like it. It seemed a bit stiff at first, but much better now! It is hard to make a comparison between the two helis...electric vs nitro.

Give me a little more time with both and I'll be able to decide which one comes out on top! Tomorrow is looking to be a better day...temp wise. 88 vs 94 with a bit more wind, out of the same direction.

Until next time...

Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Word "Raw", and the new Word "Protos"
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