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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 9:5:2021

Posted 09-05-2021 at 06:29 PM by rcnut

Ah...September! The month the temperature starts changing. Goodby Summer, and hello Fall...

Now that the weather is beginning to change some (well, here in thee Midwest), I might be able to get out more and put up some flights! Yea...I need to start dialing in my new helis, get them the way I like them...and fix some of the problems that I've learned to live with.

Goblin Raw

I am really falling in love with this heli. It is really locked in, feels very solid/robust. About the only down side is the yellow turns black when mixed with big fluffy clouds and the sun hidden behind There are certain spots that I can loose orientation of it. So I wonder if the orange canopy would show up better? Possibly, also, is the lack of canopy. I'll try the orange one later...

In the meantime, this heli is a blast to fly! I zipped through all 4 packs in no time. Looks as if I will need to break down and buy a generator to field charge packs...winter project? I am not too happy with the SAB 690 blades that comes with this heli...they fly fine, can be a bit noisy, but fast on the autos. They bleed off speed at the end of an auto...well, at least for me it does. I have a set of Rail 696 that I would like to try...someday. I'm having too much fun as it is.

Flight times are around 6-7 minutes with 3 autos at the end. My packs have around 26%+ left at the end. My head speed is 1980 in idle 2. I can get much more flight time in idle 1 at 1600 rpm. I might drop it some and practice low head speed 3D? Something to ponder...

Protos Nitro

This time, I put in 5 flights compared to last Sunday with 3 flights. It was much cooler today, 81 degrees, but windier...17 mph with gusts. The first 3 flights were mainly fighting the wind...and tail issues. The 4th and 5th flight, I spent adjusting tail gains and stop percentages. Turning left, and letting the tail stop fast would result in a bounce plus a bit more turn. I decreased the CCW a bunch only to make matters worse. So I almost maxed the settings to 97%, and that pretty much solved that problem.

Next was a bobbling issue with the head, so I increased the rotor gain slowly. I'll keep increasing it until it starts to oscillate, and then back off some. Small steps and fly a lot!

This heli is fun to fly, however, it is a bit light...maybe too light now! It does pretty much what I command it to! I also managed to add a header tank on the side. I've run out of fuel trying to judge by the level on flybys. Yea, hasn't worked out so well. I had my timer set to 10 minutes, which is close to empty. The clunk isn't the best, but it works. So I changed my timer to 8 minutes for flying around, with 2 minutes to shoot autos.

The 5th flight now has the timer set to 8 minutes, and this seems to work out better! 2-3 minutes of autos at the end of a flight. My back likes that better! I can manage 8 minutes of standing still, flying around, and then muster a couple of minutes more. The Raw is easier to handle...shorter flight times!

I am still on the fence about the 1st blades I have on the Protos. The center of gravity, so I'm told, is further back making the blade fell faster. This could be the reason why the heli bobs in a heavier wind. I'll find out tomorrow! I would like to try a set of Rail 696 on this heli as well. The 1st blades are 710mm, and they are a bit louder than the SAB blades. They auto better, yea, by being 20mm longer! But it would be interesting to see how both helis would perform with Rails on both. More on that later...

After thoughts...

Tomorrow will be a better day wind wise! 5 mph! 81 degrees and clear skies! Charging up my pack now! I started working on my orientations, boy how rusty I've become! But those skills are coming back. I had a hard time with inverted backwards on the first flight of the day today. The second flight...almost the whole flight worth!

Im looking forward to try the Goblin Nitro! If this heli flies anything like the electric...WOW! I have a YS 120SRX to stuff into that heli...power baby! My YS 120 in the Synergy's an animal, unstoppable. It just goes and goes, and keeps right on going. However, thinking about this, the N7 might be the perfect combination with the YS 120...but then again...

I started cleaning my workshop...what a mess! It will take awhile to get it cleaned up, but worth it in the long run. I also started looking into finishing my dual charger case. Not sure if I will be able to download the necessary files for the dual lab 8 charger and the bump charger. There is a ray of hope, people here on Helifreak are working on this issue, so I might be in luck! Basically get what I need...with no future updates. Or possibly look for a comparable substitute...

Until next time...

Today`s show is brought to you by: The new Word "Raw", and the new Word "Protos"
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