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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 9:12:2021

Posted 09-12-2021 at 03:37 PM by rcnut

September is close to being half over! Yea! Cooler weather!...

This weekend was a bit messed up weather wise. It was stinkin hot Saturday, and not so bad today, but more humid. And for some reason, I ran out of energy/desire to fly. I charged all 4 packs for the Raw, checked the heli over for anything loose or missing, and checked the belt tensions. It never saw the air today...

Protos Nitro...

I put the Protos on the work bench and swapped out the 1st blades for a set of Rail 696 and 105's...for the tail. I've talked about doing this to see how the Protos would handle. So now is the time... I have noticed the main blade grips loosening up some. When I first installed the 1st. blades, the grips were very tight. After a few flights, they began to loosen up. I had to add thin washers to the Rail blades, and the grips are a lot better.

First flight (and only flight for the day) was amazingly better! The Rail blades did the trick...and I think other blades would work better as well...over the 1st. blades. The Protos tracked a lot better! No more bobbling in a straight line pass, as if it was very windy out. Winds today were around 8 mph. Still had the same cyclic and collective authority as the 1st. blades.

I flipped to inverted backwards, and it was as smooth as silk. I was quite impressed at this point. I tried some fast tic-toc's, piece of cake... Everything I threw at this heli, it did like my Goblin Raw, and about as tight and controlled as the Raw.

Even-though I only flew the Protos one flight, it was a night and day difference. I was beginning to loose energy, not feeling all that well, just wanted to pack up and go I did. I layed down and fell asleep for 1-1/2 hours. I feel a little better, but my stomach doesn't feel so well...something I ate?

I did manage to try a few autos...just like my N7's, it floats! I'm looking forward to next weekend, which is looking to be another hot weekend... Come on weather! Cool down!

After thoughts...

Wish I was able to put in more flights today, but life happens.

I do like the color scheme of the 1st. blades, matching the canopy colors, and very visible in the air. But they are a bit unstable. Maybe I can rebalance the cord of the blade, making them more stable in the air...something to ponder...a flat black leading edge?
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