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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 10:9:2021

Posted 10-09-2021 at 05:43 PM by rcnut

Ah yes...October! Cooler weather, turning leaves, crisp air, and sunny skies! Yea right!

Well I finally made it out. It only took 3 weekends for some decent weather. Last weekend, rain. The previous two, hot as hell and windy. But today...72 degrees, light winds, clear skies, and a bit humid. It's been raining the last 3 days, with more to come.

Goblin Raw

This heli is unbelievable, it just flies! It's a beast, soild as a rock. However today, I noticed I need more collective pitch! I'm not much of an electric flier, nitro and gas mainly. Today I noticed, while doing some Tic-Toc's, I need more collective pitch. As it is right now, +/-12 degrees. Maybe I should bump that up to 13/14 degrees? Someone want to chime in?

I flew all 4 packs working some big air stuff, traveling maneuvers, and close up stationary 3D maneuvers. I can also tell I need some more agility percentage. And possibly increase the head speed some. The heli seems to be getting slow to me...Am I getting used to this heli?

As it is, it is a joy to fly, even though I almost packed it in inverted. I was doing some traveling flips, and lost orientation with the collective. I was able to recover with 20 feet to spare, but this is the first time in a long time I did this. To recover, I repeated the maneuver again, perfect. Don't know what I was thinking at the time. Nothing like getting the heart rate elevated some. I started thinking about the replacement parts I would need to buy...not this time!

All in all, I made my 4 flights without and issues or tuning.

Protos Nitro

I'm finally settling in with this heli. I had some tuning issues to work out, blade selection, motor tuning, etc. Today I was able to kick back and relax and have some fun with this heli. I did notice the cyclic seems a bit too slow for me. So I increased the "Style & Agility" in the Spartan Vortex. Style is now at 80% and Agility is at 90%.

Ok...I need more cyclic, so I talked to Scott at Cajun Aircraft. I told him I remembered, during the build, an upgrade main grip pitch arm. This arm has two holes at the end for a mild (normal) setup, and one for a wild (radical 3D) setup. So use the inner hole on the grip arms, install the harder dampeners, and back the Agility down to 60/70%...see what that does...

Scott also mentioned to upgrade the dampeners to the POM dampeners, so I ordered both. This will work out as at the end of the second flight, while performing autos, I saw something fly off during climbing flips. It was the header tank that fell off and was flopping around!

I landed rather fast and shut it down. I could have continued flying it by removing the header tank, but decided to take it home and fix it properly. The long grub screw I used wasn't centered. The spacer (going from the frame to the tank) was engaged by the drilled out end. It missed the body (undrilled part) of the screw. Yea, the weakest part of the grub screw.

It's an easy fix, but it will require removing the tank and hold down bracket to get the rest of the grub screw out. I might take a long threaded bolt and cut off the head, slot the end and use that. Or, drill a new hole into the frame, use/make a frame stiffener on the inside of the frame and use a 4mm bolt and spacer...something to ponder.

After thoughts...

Today was a great day to go flying. I wanted to get more flights in on the Protos, but that will have to wait. Still tuning plus getting back into my old groove. It sucks flying alone again, but in time, I'll get used to it once more.

I haven't decided whether I want to join the club next year. I'm not sure if it is worth the constant hassle, mainly due to flying helis only. I have a few airplanes, but just not interested in them at this time.

I need to work on my charger case for next year, and look into getting a generator so I can fast charge packs at the field. Only having 4 packs to fly on sucks. It's better than nothing or one pack, but sucks all the same.

So I will be looking into buying a portable generator for next year...
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