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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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heli-Log 10:18:2021

Posted 10-18-2021 at 05:17 PM by rcnut

October…13 more days to Halloween (insert evil laugh here), and then it’s over! Well, October that is

Last weekend (a week ago Saturday), I ordered some parts for my Protos, and it was 2nd day delivery. I didn’t have a option for a normal 3-4 day. Yea, well, this Monday is the expected delivery. I was expecting Tuesday/Wednesday…if Scott mailed my parts on that Monday, he did. Even Amazon Prime, 2-day delivery…I ordered some stuff from them, 10-day delivery! And yes, it was in stock and in house. So much for the rant…I’ll wait. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get out this weekend. Saturday is really windy, plus I need to get some yard work done now that it has stopped raining for a while. So, I’m charging packs and fixing the header tank on my Protos. And I was supposed to work Sunday…and that was called off, so now I can get out and fly! You know, it never fails to amaze me, I want to get out this weekend…sunny, cooler, light winds, and then someone or something has to pop up and ruin those plans. And if no one bothers you, then the weather turns crappy! Moving on…

Protos Nitro…

In my last blog, I mentioned drilling a hole into the frame, making a carbon fiber doubler to glue to the inside of the frame. Well, I don’t need to. As it turned out, there is an “H” bracket that holds the fan shroud in place…something I forgot about. I removed the shroud, pulled the other 3 bolts out, and wiggled the bracket out. The grub screw came out fairly easy…with a vice-grip! The hole in this bracket is a tapped through hole. Ok, I picked a longer bolt and threaded it from the inside. A ball end Allen wrench worked great to run the bolt through the brace and through the frame. The fan shroud is super easy to remove an install. Once everything was back in place, I installed the spacer, and then the header tank…finished.

But that is not all! I flipped my heli upside down, found a carbon fiber rod, and used Household Goop to fill the underside of the landing gear tube. I smeared a healthy portion of Goop into the grooves of the skid tubes, installed two 11-1/2” long carbon rods into the grooves. 5 small clamps on each rod to hold in place until the Goop dries. It should be read by tomorrow (Sunday). This is the first test to see if this will work, and how long it will hold up. If this does work, I plan to buy a longer rod and cut it to the full length of the skid tube…with the bend up front. Cut a relief in the carbon rod, at the bend area, and carefully mold (bend) the carbon rod around the skid bend. The Goop is fairly easy to remove, it sticks very well and is fuel resistant…


I was able to get out for a short bit…2 flights worth. My Protos flew well, but without the 2 upgrades. Yea, they didn’t show up in time. So maybe this weekend! The skids are much better. There is some flex, but this time, in the right places. Now to see how long the carbon rods last/stay in place.

Now that I have the 2 upgrades (blade grip arms and harder dampners), it's time to install them and see what difference that will make.

After thoughts...

There is some slop in the mainshaft, up/down, like it needs a spacer. I don't recall having said spacer in the build, but maybe I missed something...will have to double check.

I added a muffler deflector which made a big difference in how clean my heli stays. I have gotten used to not having one as in the years past, I kept burning them up. They would get hard and brittle. But now that I'm using a different fuel, maybe it won't do that anymore...time will tell.

Until next time...
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