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Welcome to my Blog - What a day.....

Posted 02-13-2008 at 10:46 AM by RCHeliJim (RCHeliJim's Random Crapola)

Well, here is my HF blog. No idea how much it will be viewed, but I will try to keep up on it. I worked on my RJX Xtreme a little late last night and had forgotten a project I needed for work. So at midnight last night I worked on that. Went to bed around 2 am and woke up at 4:30 am for Job #1. I am enjoying a diet Coke at my desk right now at Job #2 and looking forward to going home this evening to play with the kids and work a little more on the Xtreme build while the wife is at school Man,...
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The dog told me to

Posted 02-13-2008 at 09:32 AM by jrohland (Feces of the male bovine quadruped)
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You think I want to do this? I have to. It is genetic imperative.

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Random Musings & Ponderings

Posted 02-13-2008 at 09:23 AM by cybinary

What do you injoy most out of this hobby? DO you injoy the thrill of pulling some sick 3D in front of your friends? Or are you the type that gets suppreme satisfaction from building and flying a 'perfect' machine not requiring any trim to sit in a stable hover?

I wonder what drives us to this hobby, most people I know would choke if they were told they needed to pay over $1000 for a flying toy. The truth is it's a very addicting hobby and every day I am amazed at how we beat back...
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Posted 02-13-2008 at 09:09 AM by mysticmead (Learning to Fly... one crash at a time)
Updated 02-13-2008 at 10:57 AM by mysticmead

I admit it... I followed RADDS.. sure.. there were a couple times when I technically should have crashed according to RADDS.. but didn't punish myself.. what can I say... I was a bad boy... prior to RADDS I made a set of training sticks... used CF rods and practice golf balls.. works great!

After going through RADDS, I decided it was time to hover... a low hover.. you know.. so nothing would get destroyed in a crash.. checked the wind... it was calm!! set my heli on the ground and went...
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First Heli Freak Blog Entry!

Posted 02-13-2008 at 09:00 AM by Billigan

What is a Blog?
Is it heavy like a Log?
can you get worts from it like a Frog?

Can you tie it in a knot !....

Tell me does you Blog hang low.
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