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New pinion, swash tweaking and blade tracking...

Posted 02-13-2008 at 06:03 AM by int2str (From The Sideline)

I've had my 450S in the air for about a week now and it's been good. The heli has not been crashed even once yet and is very easy to fly. I've got about 20 flights on it now and can't believe how smooth it's been so far. Not all is well however.

The 450S as it's setup right now is pretty easy to bog down and won't hover inverted very comfortably. It also requires too much stick (throttle/pitch) to hover in my opinion. Being new to this hobby and the T-Rex, I have yet to figure out...
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The longest 15 minutes downtime...

Posted 02-13-2008 at 05:47 AM by int2str (From The Sideline)
Updated 02-13-2008 at 05:48 AM by int2str (Added link to DebianDog's blog)

Apart from my day-job as a programmer, I also operate various web sites and forums around the net. So when I was greeted with the message "We're making changes to server software. We'll be back in 15 minutes" (not the exact wording) on HeliFreak this morning, i was pretty sure about two things:

1) HeliFreak is being updated with new forum software

2) HeliFreak won't be back in 15 minutes...

It just never seems to work out that way. And wouldn't...
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I will be out of town for a few days

Posted 02-13-2008 at 05:44 AM by DebianDog (Debian Dogs Den)

I am going down to the Ron Lund event in Texas

I need some helicopter time. Too much computer B.S, work B.S., and drama!!!

Looking forward to hanging out with my Freaks, flying Helicopters, going out to dinner and... as a added bonus. I will be bringing back some videos so the rest of the Freaks can enjoy too.

I leave Friday!
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Posted 02-13-2008 at 05:32 AM by int2str (From The Sideline)

Welcome to my brand new HeliFreak blog!

Here you'll find random thoughts and commentary from a HeliFreak and Heli-Hobby newcomer. Hopefully my lack of experience will offer other newcomers something to relate to and provide some unbiased insights on hot HeliFreak topics and characters.

I'm a strong minded kind of guy. Don't expect me to tread lightly or hold back on my opinions. You clicked on my blog, you know how to turn it off...

That's said, I hope...
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The best camera for videoing Helicopters

Posted 02-13-2008 at 05:21 AM by DebianDog (Debian Dogs Den)
Updated 02-13-2008 at 11:47 AM by DebianDog

I get this question a lot, "Dog what is the best camcorder for videoing helicopters?"

Like most things, the more you spend the better results you will get but just like RC Helicopters buying the best does not mean you will get the best results

For the money, ease of use I recommend the Canon HV20 for a little more than $600 but... If you can wait a few more weeks the HV30 will be out that adds the ability to shoot 30 frames per second progressive. That...
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