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CopterX 450AE V2 - First impressions

Posted 02-19-2008 at 03:02 PM by Rogan

I just received a new CopterX450AE direct from China. I've been using CopterX parts on my other 450 for ages, so I'm a firm believer in the build quality of the CNC parts, and the bearings.

I bought a bare airframe, into which I'll be fitting my components, stripped from a 3DX-450 *spits*. The intention is to have a second bird for night flight, as I never get around to putting on lights on my main rig.

The kit itself is good, as I had come to expect, and comes without any ancillary items, like blades. My first bugbear was the use of phillips head screws all over the machine. I tend to strip the heads off them, so I avoid them like the plague. Not being in a mind to spend 6 quid on new screws, I just went ahead and worked with what I got.

The screws themselves are fairly hard, although I did notice a few of them grinding under torque, they are better than the soft junk that came with my 450x. So onwards we go.

Other than that the kit is pretty much align standard, but instead of getting a plastic head and tail you get full CNC head, tail, blocks, and so on. The battery holder block is of a higher standard than Align's, and the the anti rotation bracket is CNC ally, which is very nice, but may not survive a crash. I think it's likely too become bent and unusable the first time I pile it in and bend the mainshaft. In addition the motor mount may not be as tough as Align's. Only time will tell.

While the CNC parts are perfect, including the side frames the quality of the shafts is utter rubbish. The main, tail, and tail drive are all out of whack. I have replaced the main and tail on principle, but I have left the tail drive as is. It looks like the belt gear on top may just be a tad out of whack. If I get any vibrations I'll have to replace it with new Align spares, as with the main and tail.

The rudder pushrod is the usual tale of too thin, too bendy, but I have replaced that with the defacto upgrade of a carbon tube.

I'll know more when I put in the electronics and start her up. Here's what I'll be putting in:

Cyclic Servos: 3x INO-LAB HG-202MG (digital semi metal gear)
Gyro/Servo: 401/9650
Motor: 3400Kv Sonix Replacing with Scorpion HK-2221-8 V2
BEC: ParkBec (can't remember the ampage, but it's sufficient)
Reciever: AR6100 (may change to my AR6200 if i get lockout problems with the CC)

Photos to come when I get my lazy bum downstairs to find some batteries for the camera.
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