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So Much Time, So Little to Do (Sorry - Reverse That)

Posted 11-14-2008 at 08:17 AM by skigolfmike

This has been a crazy week. Between rebuilds, waiting for parts, online sim sessions and squeezing in a flight here and there, I've been keeping pretty busy. It's been a learning experience too.

The online Phoenix sim sessions are a blast. I just have to remember to turn the volume down in the head set so I don't start yelling. Boy did I hear about that. The good thing is trying to do some new stuff. If nothing else you get better at unusual attitude recoveries. Plus it's a lot of fun flying with your online buddies too. The cool thing is I'm getting better because I'm always trying to learn a new maneuver to stump the other guys with and they are doing the same. Wait until they see what I have in store next.

The Furion rebuild is kind of on hold at the moment. USPS decided to take an extra day with a delivery, so I'll just have to wait. Good news is I had time to work on the Blade 400. Basically the radio and everything came out of B400 to go in the Furion. With the Furion rebuild I'm switching to Hitec 65 servos, so I'm putting the DS287s back in the B400. One thing I found interesting is how well synced the Hitec 65s were synced. I had no swash interactions I had to adjust out.

Here are the new setups:

HB65 cyclic/collective
Spartan gyro/ DS3500G tail
Scorpion -8 motor w/ 13T pinion
Phoenix 45 ESC
Radix Blades

Blade 400:
DS287 cyclic/collective
GY401 gyro/DS290G tail
B400 motor w/ 9T pinion
Phoenix 35 ESC
Radix Blades

In the order I have coming I have 2 more batteries for the Gaui 200, an RC Booya Canopy mount for my T600 and an OS bubble less clunk for the tank.

I'm going to try to get everything flying again by this weekend. Weather doesn't look that good for outdoor flying, but there is an indoor fly-in Sunday night. If I can't get in any flying there is always the sim.
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