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New Heli, More Upgrades & Maintenance

Posted 12-09-2008 at 10:05 AM by skigolfmike

I got my new Trex 700 last week and the resp of the parts have been slowly coming in. I got another great deal from Grand RC for the 700. This time I got 3 Align 620 servos for cyclic and a 620 throttle servo. I also got another AR7100R receiver. The price was very good and I figured I saved about $300. Since I'm planning to get an YS91SR (which will be here soon) through a connection I have, I went ahead and got the Hatori SB-19FH pipe. Also I got a set of Radix 710 'blem' blades. So far, I have everything lined up except the gyro and the TR servo.

The plan for the gyro and TR servo was to try the new Futaba 520. However, I see on Tower's website the release date has been pushed back to late Jan., so I'm considering other alternatives. There is a shipment of Spartans coming into the country soon and I have had great luck with DS760/JRDS8900G combo. So, I am leaning that way again. I have all my alerts setup and will pull the trigger as fast as I see them become available.

One other thing I've decided to try on this heli is to use an A123 receiver battery. Reports are the Align servo are likely to fail on an 8V system. The original plan was to use a ccBec, but I did an experiment and it couldn't handle the load. The 2S A123s are just over 1V lower than 2S lipo and the voltages are close to 5S NiCd/NiMh packs, so I decided to try that. After charging the voltage settles just over 6.9V unloaded and drops stays in the 6.5-6.4V for most of the discharge range under load. That should be perfect. Plus I can fly 3 flights and recharge in 15 minutes. Seems like a good deal to me.

The motor should be here this week, so I'm going to go ahead and start the build. I figure a week or so of nights to get it done. Hopefully I'll have a gyro and TR servo in about a week and have it ready to fly weather permitting.

The T600NP got new Radix 600 blem blades. Originally, I had these blades on the heli, but, after my first crash, I got stick bangers because that was what was available. For the way I fly, I didn't like the SBs as much as the regular blades. Also I got a set of the Stubz 383 paddles. These are supposed to be a little smoother in fast forward flight while still having good 3D capability. I've been running the Align CF paddles, so I'm looking forward to seeing the difference.

The Blade 400 got a rebuild. I've been working on my son to so a little flying and I had him flying the CX2 this last weekend. I'm hoping he will get interested enough to want to try the B400 when he's ready. Unfortunately, in the rebuild, it picked up a vibration. I think I finally found that issue, but i haven't had time to test fly.

Lastly, the Gaui 200 shucked a main blade and grip Sunday. Initially it didn't look to bad, that was until I started taking everything apart. Let's just say it bent a lot of stuff in the head and it's going to need parts to get flying again.

The holiday season is a great time of year; albeit, a busy one. Enjoy the holidays and spending time with your family and friends.
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