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Heli Number 6 - Logo 400

Posted 05-27-2009 at 09:17 AM by skigolfmike

Yep - got a Logo 400. I've really liked this size heli and figured it would be great for park flying, but either never got around to it was spending the heli funds flying or fixing something else. Sometimes when opportunity knocks you have to take it.

The long and short of it is a buddy from chat on the"Freak" needed to sell and made an offer I couldn't refuse. The price was great and I got to help out a fellow HeliFreak. I just hope my wife buys that explanation.

I got the heli yesterday and unpacked it. It's got just about everything it needs to fly, all it needs is a receiver. Great setup too. DS3717s, 7703D/DS3500, CC60, Hacker motor, CY blades, 2 3200 6S batts, new canopy, plus a lot of spares. I actually managed to get it mostly put together last night. I had to put the tail and landing gear back on, and to locktite the grips to the feathering shaft. All I need to do now is put a receiver in it and set it up. That should take about an hour and it will be ready to fly. Maybe tomorrow night, but no later than the weekend.

Actually I wasn't going to work on it. I just got back from flying and picking up my son from scouts. However, while flying, my starter lipo had a tab come off one of the batts and I wanted to repair it. That ended up with the 5S pack becoming a 4S pack. Well, since I had the soldering irons out and warm, why not but the Dimension voltage regulator in the DX7se too. (That was a 10 min job this time with no troubles BTW). Since I was on a roll, I brought in the Logo and did some assembly. The bad part was finishing about 1:00am.

Tonight I have golf league. If I have time, I'm hoping I can get a spare RX in it tonight and set it up. While I'm at it I'll probably upgrade the programming in the CC ESC too. If I get it done, test hovers and a little flying will be in order.

One more reason I jumped on this was to try flybarless down the road. I think this would be a good candidate for the mini-VBar when it comes out. My plans for it right now are to start putting aside the funds, wait until IRCHA and try and get a deal there.

That's the plan. I have a followup when it flies.


PS: BillBill242000, if you are reading this, FLY THE BEAM!
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