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Set up an ICE controller

Posted 12-09-2010 at 12:14 AM by snjbird
Updated 12-09-2010 at 01:22 AM by snjbird

Have you setup a Castle before?

Once you have the wires soldered on, and maybe a test fit...

The first thing I do is get her plugged into the link and make some adjustments, the ESC come set default to airplane mode...

Set it to helicopter then. fixed end point...

Before you start working on the heli, make sure to back you motor pinion out of mesh with the main gear!

The you need to teach your radio were the ESC "see" high and low throttle.

First you must set you transmitter up in normal mode with a linear throttle curve.

Then you start by opening the menus on your radio and adjusting the end points for throttle to about mid, now raise the throttle/collective full up... Then you need to plug in the ESC to the RX and power up the heli... very important to have your motor pinion backed away from the main gear now!!!! The ESC will sound three times to tell you it counts a 3S lipo, then slowly raise you travel adjust till you here the ESC sound again, it will beep, then give a slight tune of beeps to tell you it has entered into Throttle calibration mode.

Now lower you stick to full down, and slowly lower the travel adjust till the ESC makes it's arming tones, success you have calibrated your radio to your ESC!

Setting up the governor is really very easy after that. Use the link andadjust it to set RPM, it will ping and say it need some info, enter battery type, then gearing info, last tell it motor data. After you do that, then it will tell give you three windows to set RPM. So if you are using the 14T that came with the Pro, you should set 2900 on normal, 3100 on ST-1 and 3300 on ST-2. Then you go into your radio and set your normal for a flat line of 30% and ST-1 for a flat line of 70% and last set your ST-2 for 100% flat. If you want to have zero on Normal for safety put it on L and set position 1 for 30 and straight after that!
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