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The how I got into heli Blog

Posted 03-06-2009 at 08:15 PM by snjbird

, A friend let me fly his CX2 that was it, it was like a sniper shooting my wallet, I bought the CX2 and flew it for a month, I wanted more, I wanted forward flight, I said to myself, if I could just do FF I’ll be happy… so I shopped around, and met a guy who was going to Embry Riddle, so naturally he needed money, so he sold me his Blade CP. Man it is only through shear determination that a guy can get the Blades flying, but throw enough money and will to fly at them and they can be flown! So I flew that heli for a while. The friend who sold me the CX2 was flying a Blade CP and we had fun flying them in his Hangar, his business partner was the original RC guy in our group and he had a few planes and years earlier had a hornet, well he did not like the Blades, so he was looking for a more substantial heli in a similar class. Thom’s search lead him to the HDX 450, not the best choice IMO, but a darn sight better than the Blades. Well shortly after we had our fleet up and running we took the show on the road, we fly WWII aircraft giving rides and instruction, and in the Summer we would split the company up half would stay in Florida, the rest of us would go on a tour some were up north, that year we hit Groton CT and Geneseo NY.
First stop Connecticut, we had a great house over looking a small cove on the east end of CT right to the east of Groton Airport, the house was on a rocky hill but had a pretty nice backyard, but better still was the back deck. Big enough to launch and recover from, we had a blast the three weeks we were there, I killed two EF 800 packs. While we were there I really mastered the tail in hover and was working on two out of the three other orientations, nose in was still eluding me! Thom had let me fly his HDX and again it was the snipers bullet, I bought a pack on his next heli direct order, a Mega Power 2200 18C, Thom was getting ahead of himself, he does that a lot… and wanted to do 3D, I had him planting his HDX a few times on video, he was trying his first flips, good stuff, I’ll have to see if I can find the footage.
Well after Thom had let me fly his 450, I was on a mission to find myself a belt driven tail heli, I wanted a Trex 450SE, chance would bring me a 450SA, we found a little shop in Mystic Connecticut, H&H Hobbies, the owner had built a 450SA and had scared himself so he wanted to sell it, I got the heli, servos, gyro, case, training gear, heli max blade balancer, and a Futaba 6EX and 606FS for $650.00 not my best deal ever but I wanted the heli and it was built, all we had to do was program the radio, Thom showed me how! This was the June 15th of ’07. A few days and one crash later, we moved over to NY, Thom was heading home and he had the only charger so I had ordered a BC-6 and it was waiting for me when we got to Geneseo, along with a third pack. Geneseo is a very cool airport, it’s a private strip down in the Geneseo river valley, we know the owner and he lets us fly there so we have been going there since 1999. Turns out to be a great spot for RC too, Well I wore out a couple of packs while we were there, I must have done an average of 5 flight a day while we were there. Some days more, by the time we were leaving I had 4 Mega power packs” I later renamed them the Mega Puffs” So when we were getting ready to leave in September, I was flying semi circuits and doing stationary flips both front and back, and yes I was really good at crashing too, in fact the night before we left I tried my first loop, it ended badly! Well that was the end of the first summer, and I’ll leave the autumn for next time, that’s when I really start spending the money!
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