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For sale rough drafts

Posted 06-21-2011 at 07:54 PM by snjbird
Updated 06-27-2011 at 09:18 PM by snjbird

For sale Spartan Gyros

I have three Spartan gyros for sale...

I have a Quark black, very little use...

I have 2 DS760 Updated to the newest firmware

I have an AR6200 great condition

I have an AR7000 great condition

I have AR6100E great condition

For sale Trex 450 V2/ Sport stretch 4S
Align ESC, castle bec
Align 450M
Align GP750
Align DS520
Outrage boom and belt...
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Set up an ICE controller

Posted 12-08-2010 at 11:14 PM by snjbird
Updated 12-09-2010 at 12:22 AM by snjbird

Have you setup a Castle before?

Once you have the wires soldered on, and maybe a test fit...

The first thing I do is get her plugged into the link and make some adjustments, the ESC come set default to airplane mode...

Set it to helicopter then. fixed end point...

Before you start working on the heli, make sure to back you motor pinion out of mesh with the main gear!

The you need to teach your radio were the ESC "see" high...
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Scorpion specs

Posted 02-15-2010 at 06:47 AM by snjbird
Updated 07-21-2010 at 12:52 PM by snjbird

These are the recommended uses for the Scorpion line, cut from there site!

Scorpion Helicopter Motor Application Guide
Since we get so many questions about the application of the Scorpion HK series helicopter motors, we have put together this guide for the entire family of motors that are currently available. Hopefully, this will help you select the proper motor for your particular application.
HK-22mm Series Motors
At the time of this writing, there are 16 different...
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Things I like

Posted 08-03-2009 at 06:18 PM by snjbird
Updated 10-02-2010 at 09:32 AM by snjbird

Thrust bearings for Kasama BB for the 500

Boca Bearing Kit for the 500L

Boca Bearings for the HK40

Bearings for the Scorpion 3026

5x10x4 Lower bearing

5x13x4 Upper bearing

Blade checksReady heli has the SABs here
I just picked up my set of the Align 425Ds, had them on the scale and the balance and they are spot on, the weight was 61.75 and the balance was less than a mm, while I had the stuff out I checked my other...
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The how I got into heli Blog

Posted 03-06-2009 at 07:15 PM by snjbird

, A friend let me fly his CX2 that was it, it was like a sniper shooting my wallet, I bought the CX2 and flew it for a month, I wanted more, I wanted forward flight, I said to myself, if I could just do FF I’ll be happy… so I shopped around, and met a guy who was going to Embry Riddle, so naturally he needed money, so he sold me his Blade CP. Man it is only through shear determination that a guy can get the Blades flying, but throw enough money and will to fly at them and they can be flown! So I...
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