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Crash Fix

Posted 02-22-2009 at 05:41 PM by ted_wears_a_hat

So last weekend I had a little unscheduled meeting with terra firma (flight #135) and I have finally got round to fixing the B400 back up.

The usual suspects needed changing, feathering shaft, main shaft, flybar, tail boom and tail boom supports. Surprisingly the main gear survived so I must have hit TH quick enough but the force not absorbed by breaking woodies (I was running carbons) has transferred through to the head parts and the blade grips were also both broken. Interestingly one of the linkages was also bent so something must have hit this.

After a short test flight today, I relasied there must be another problem as the tail span uncontrollably CCW. I p;ayed around with various reverse settings but I hadn't changed anything so this as presumed had no effect. Next I wondered if the belt was twisted or too loose but it seemed OK. HOWEVER if you held the tail blades and spun the mains the tail would stop under virtually no pressure. Thinking this through I realised one of the tail shafts must have stripped and unfortunately it was the drive shaft in the airframe so I had to change this. Luckily with a little care, some needle nose pliers and a torch holding mrs I could get it done without taking the frame apart.

She's all back together and hopefully I can get a shakedown test fly tomorrow lunch.

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