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"The Grass Is Brown Everywhere"

Year's ago I took a job in Texas and when I started work I discovered that I had been "sold" on the job as much as I had been selling myself to the company.

After 2 weeks of discovering how this new job was even worse than my previous one, I returned to the former job (with a big pay increase) and coined the phrase "The Grass Is Brown Everywhere" to explain why I returned.

The acronym TGIBE became my username on many forums and accounts over the years...
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Remote Control Push Cart

Posted 03-29-2008 at 01:39 AM by TGibe

This falls under the category "And now for something completely different". (Please see my gallery for more Photos of my cart mod)

Last fall I purchased the electric version of Sun Mountain's Speed Cart.

For non-golfers the Speed Cart is a three wheeled push cart to carry your golf clubs. It rolls very easily and is extremely stable. Drive by any golf course where people actually walk and they are everywhere (the non-powered version). I had money on the books (tournament winnings) and did not really need anything so I ordered one of the electric versions.

It is a great cart and the electric motor really makes it easy to go both uphill (obvious) and downhill (it keeps a steady speed and doesn't roll out of control.

Anyway, they do not make it with a remote control so I decided to add that capability to mine. After searching the web a few times I finally found what I was looking for - a rolling code relay board that uses a key fob type remote. Typically these are used by folks wanting to add remote control to their power doors, etc. on their cars.

I bought a few items (switch, led power indicator, project box) and started building. The hardest part was taking apart the speed cart to determine how I would hook the relays up to function.

It ended up that the only way was to tap into the micro switches on the control panel on the handle. I had to peel back the plastic sticky cover in order to get in. Once inside I saw it was possible and then went to work. I had to drill an exit hole in the metal frame of the control panel in order to get the cabling back out.

I am real happy wiht the way it turned out and eventually want to replace the battery pack with a 12V regulator (probably just a TO-220 packed 7812). I was going to do it this time, but did not have a good way to to to the 24V power rail without compromising the waterproof electronics box.

Anyway, I would be happy to share what I learned in greater detail with anyone.

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